Twilling's TNA Impact Hitlist: Matt Morgan is against wrestling with a concussion, RVD is paranoid, Jeff Jarrett wins the main event, The Pope, Abyss, and a casket, dissension within Fortune

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Oct 29, 2010 - 02:00 PM

By Rich Twilling

TNA Impact Hits

Matt Morgan questions Eric Bischoff's decision to make Mr. Anderson wrestle with a concussion: Bischoff is playing a damn good heel, but I really like the role Morgan played on this show. He mentioned current events as they relate to head trauma and his attitude toward the subject should have been the rule, not the exception. I'm not thrilled about his quick babyface turn (read below), but I do like why he did it.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me vs. Ink Inc.: It wasn't a great wrestling match by any means, but it was a fun five minute spot fest on a show that was lacking in-ring action. In fact, it was a show that was lacking everything.

Winter and the Knockouts: Interesting brawl to open the show. We see a lot of brawls in TNA, even with the Knockouts, but at least this one included everyone, so they could make some matches and feuds out of it. Winter (Katie Lea Burchill in WWE) has been a nice addition and her mind games on Angelina Love have been fun to watch.

TNA Impact Misses

Rob Van Dam is worried about a mole in EV2: If there is a mole in EV2, it will probably turn out to be Tommy Dreamer. Nonetheless, RVD is not very good on the mic, but he is good at talking with his fists and feet, so they should do more of that. By the way, shouldn't RVD be concerned with Immortal and not EV2?

Jeff Jarrett defeats Matt Morgan: Morgan made the big babyface turn and Jarrett beats him in five minutes? They sped through at least a few weeks of programming with Morgan teasing a turn, leaving the group, and wrestling his first match against the group. Morgan should have kicked Jarrett's ass and then taken a beating from Fortune.

The Pope and Abyss: The Pope brought a casket to ringside and then ended up in it at the end of the show. I know The Pope is standing up to Immortal, but the idea of a Pope vs. Abyss feud doesn't do much for this viewer.

Dissension within Fortune: Fortune has never really gotten off the ground yet. They have not looked very strong as a group or as individuals. Then they formed the super faction. On last night's show, Morgan left the group (seemingly), and Doug Williams could be on his way out as well. TNA rushes through things, but this is rushing even for them.

Robbie E. earns an X Division Title shot: The Shore act is ridiculous and nobody in the Impact Zone is enjoying it. TNA was onto something when Doug Williams had the X Division Championship and had good wrestling matches. Now, we get Jay Lethal and a guy that won't be around in a couple of months feuding over the belt. Hardly an improvement.

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