Gutteridge's WWE NXT Hit List: "Vengeance" comes to NXT as Adrian Neville faces Bo Dallas in an NXT Title rematch, Tyler Breeze and Xavier Woods clash, and Natalya has Charlotte's first good match

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Mar 28, 2014 - 11:30 AM

By Darren Gutteridge


Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas. A solid main event, even if it didn't feel like a big deal straight out of the gate. That changed down the exciting home stretch, which was highlighted by a brutal counter from Dallas for the Red Arrow, and topped off by that awesome backwards 450 splash, which I shall now dub the 054. Two straight Neville wins means this feud is over for now, but I'd be OK if they choose to revisit it in the future, on NXT or the main roster, because the matches between the two have been very good on the whole.

Xavier Woods vs. Tyler Breeze. What was here was hit worthy, but not by much, because I'm quite disappointed we didn't get to see more from the two. Give 5 minutes to what are essentially squash matches, but when you have two established guys who can go, give them 7+ at least. The ending gives me the hope this isn't the last match from the two, so a main event down the line isn't out of the question. Hopefully they knew that and held back a little here.

Natalya vs. Charlotte. Osmosis is the movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. I think that's what happened to Charlotte here. Through osmosis, some of Bret Hart's overwhelming skill transferred to Charlotte, and she managed to have her best match yet. It's almost entirely thanks to the efforts of Natalya. Getting a decent match out of Ms. Broomstick is the biggest showcase of Nattie's skills we've ever seen.

Overall Show.The main event just nudged this show back into the hits. It was a competent show, and more akin to the better shows we enjoyed before the build up to Arrival started, but it wasn't the big night the hype promised us. Outside of the main event, and what I'd consider an upset win for Breeze, nothing was advanced again. They need to find some traction from somewhere.

WWE NXT Misses

Mojo Rawley vs. CJ Parker. The psychology of the match was way off here. I know why it was done (to mask Rawley's draw backs) but you essentially had the guys switch roles – Parker controlled like a big tough heel, and the much larger Rawley played the babyface in peril who hits a few big moves and gets the win. Please let this feud end so Parker can get back to developing his heel character already.

Corey Graves vs. Yoshi Tatsu. A minor miss. Graves looked convincing, but the post match promo wasn't substantial enough. It was essentially just a set up to his “Stay down” catchphrase, as opposed to a full explanation of his actions last week towards Sami Zayn. Also, take away the Japanese writing on Tatsu's gear, and it looks like something a two dollar hooker would wear.

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