El Twilling's WWE NXT Hitlist: Michael Cole talks about what he did on Raw, Kaitlyn wins, Naomi is classy, season four announcement and pairings

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Dec 1, 2010 - 12:25 PM

By Ricardo Twilling


Naomi's concession speech: Well, I am really stretching on this one, but there was not very much about this show to enjoy. Naomi did not win the show, but she was classy and respectful in defeat.

Michael Cole addresses his actions on Raw: It wouldn't have made any sense for him not to mention it at all, but it would have been stupid to give anything else away. They did a nice job by having Cole address it and say he would say more on Raw next week.

WWE NXT Misses

Kaitlyn wins the show: Kaitlyn comes across as a child sending text messages when she is on the mic. Not sure why she mentioned so many times her first ever match came on NXT. Is that WWE telling us that wrestling doesn't matter at all, especially in the Divas Division?

Announcement of season four and the pairings: I'm guessing they won't treat season four the same way they treated season three. That being said, it should be just another boring show, whereas season three was at least humorously bad.

The pairings for season four were disappointing too. With the talent they have down in FCW, not to mention some of the more recognizable names, they left a lot of them off of this show. Daniel Bryan and Alberto Del Rio should be fun as Pros though.

Matches on the show: Naomi is athletic, but she lost a bunch of matches. A.J. was pretty good and she won a bunch of matches. Kaitlyn is, well, Kaitlyn. The focus in the division on wrestling is next to nil anyway, so don't hold your breath for a Natalya vs. Kaitlyn Divas Championship match anytime soon.

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