Buy or Sell: John Cena referees the main event, Daniel Bryan wins again, R-Truth becoming relevant, The Miz vs. Big Show, Sheamus vs. John Morrison, Ezekiel Jackson, and more

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Nov 2, 2010 - 06:00 PM

By Rich Twilling

John Cena referees main event: I am selling this because WWE tried to promote this as tipping Cena's hand as to what he is going to do at the Survivor Series. Nothing was on the line here, so it really didn't matter what he did or didn't do. Besides, the only real question in play is what he is going to do if Orton is prepared to defeat Barrett cleanly. If Orton hits the RKO, will Cena count to three?

Daniel Bryan defeats Ted DiBiase: Although DiBiase has not been a viable threat to anything lately, I am still buying this. The more wins Bryan gets against big name opponents, the better. Plus, whether it is a three minute or thirty minute match, Bryan is going to make it a good one, so the more exposure he gets, the better.

R-Truth stirs the dissension pot: I am actually going to buy this. Truth is up to something and I think it could be a heel turn, or at least an impending feud with Cena. Truth's babyface character is hardly interesting or intriguing, so his rubbing shoulders with the main event guys is a huge step up. If he does turn heel, hopefully he can follow it up with solid mic and in-ring work.

The Miz vs. Big Show: I'm selling the entire segment that also involved Pee Wee Herman. The match was fine, but the overall segment bothered me in the sense that I feel Miz is very much lost in the shuffle right now. Recently, Miz was doing segments with Randy Orton and Sheamus regarding the WWE Championship. Miz and Sheamus both seem very far away from the title picture.

Slow build for Sheamus vs. John Morrison: I am buying the build here. I'm hoping the execution of the program will work too, and I think based on how well they work together, it certainly can. Nonetheless, they aren't rushing into this, and that is a good thing. This is Sheamus' followup program to his title reign. This is a step up program for Morrison. It's a big one for both guys.

Tag Team Championships: I am selling the belts as they have never meant less in WWE. There are very few tag teams to begin with and creating a feud over the belts that people want to see is either difficult or unimportant. By the way, I hope they have a plan for Tyson Kidd, because if they don't, they should have kept the Hart Dynasty together.

LayCool and Natalya feud: I am selling this again. LayCool are not strong heels and as a result, because she has so little to play off of, Natalya is not the sympathetic, compelling babyface in chase mode. Instead, it's a huge case of "Who really cares what happens either way?"

Ezekiel Jackson: Huge buy here. Big Zeke could be a major player on this show and I'm very interested in seeing who his first feud is going to be with. If they take their time with him, WWE could be sitting on their next major star.

Build to the Survivor Series: I am selling this as I felt this edition of Raw was one of the most lackluster efforts of 2010. They still have a couple of weeks, so that is the bright side. However, they need to do a better job of building to one of their "big four" pay-per-views than they did last night.

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