2011 WWE Hell in a Cell One Shot Reactions: Dot Net staff members grade the show, provide quick reactions, and make replay recommendations

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Oct 2, 2011 - 10:40 PM

By Dot Net Staff

WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 – One Shot Reactions

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Ryan Kester: Twitter Name: TheRyanKester

Show Grade: D+

  • The attack from the Miz and R-Truth at the end of the show was greatly benefited by Jim Ross calling the action. Had he not been there, the moment would not have had the same impact that it did.

  • Mark Henry looked great in his HIAC match against Randy Orton,a nd I am glad to see him win. I am not happy, however, to see Orton beat him to the point that he had to tuck tail and run away after their match. No monster heel should ever run scared from an opponent he just beat in HIAC.

  • Kelly Kelly needs to drop the street chick act. She got over for being beautiful and being likeable, no one needs her to try and act tough, especially when it looks so ridiculous.

  • Seeing Cody Rhodes wearing the throwback Intercontinental title just felt right. Hopefully he can manage to look like a serious champion and not a standard WWE heel that has to resort to nefarious and cheap means to retain hsi title.

  • Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler showed some good chemistry as a tag team. I look forward to seeing more from these two in the coming weeks.

Replay Verdict: I would not recommend ordering this PPV. The show felt like it lacked a lot of forethought and is not worth your hard-earned money.

Will Pruett: Twitter Name: ItsWillTime

Show Grade: B

  • This was not as much a great standalone show as it was a nice chapter in the story of Miz, R-Truth and Triple H.

  • Mark Henry looked dominant once again, even with a little more selling of Randy Orton's offense. I'm not completely sold on the post-match beat down, but Orton has given so much to Henry that I wasn't upset about him getting a little bit back.

  • Alberto Del Rio capturing the WWE Championship was definitely an afterthought by the time the pay-per-view ended. The match was alright, but the device of locking John Cena out so he could cheat and beat C.M. Punk was a smart one. I don't love the change, but I enjoy the creativity.
  • The action after the main event was surprising and chaotic. The entire roster attempting to get into the Hell in a Cell with The Miz and R-Truth inside was a spectacular visual.

  • Pandemonium is not my favorite way to end a pay-per-view, but if it makes sense in the story and allows for both a satisfying conclusion and a hook into the next show, than I'm alright with it.

Replay Verdict: As good as the ending of this show was to me, the action was not amazing. These Hell in a Cell matches were the weakest of the post-2007 era of Hell in a Cell. Rather than get a replay or the DVD, stays tuned for tomorrow night’s Raw and catch the awesome visuals in the next few weeks of video packages.

Jake Barnett: Twitter Name: barnettjake

Show Grade: C-

  • Sheamus beat up Christian tonight, but nobody seemed to care. The best thing they could do for these two guys is just allow this feud to die and have them move on to something new.

  • Beth Phoenix finally got her win tonight, defeating Kelly Kelly for the Divas title. It was necessary, but ill timed because it seemed like the crowd didn’t care tonight. They would have cared two weeks ago in Buffalo, so if this was the plan, what difference did two weeks make? They sure didn’t seem to do much with them on TV in the intervening time.

  • The Original Sin Cara will continue to use his name, and honestly I don’t think anybody really knows why they should care about it. This storyline is mercifully over, and I hope that both guys move on to something with a little more teeth. Sin Cara desperately needs some character development. I’m really not sure how, though.

  • Mark Henry and Randy Orton both managed to look pretty strong coming out of their match tonight. Henry kicked out of an RKO and actually got booed, which is the first time in a long time I can remember a heel actually getting that kind of heat. The post match beat down seemed kind of odd, but I suppose you can’t let Randy Orton walk out of two PPV’s in a row without picking up a modicum of his heat back.

  • The ending of the show was a mess, and I’m sure this will surprise a lot of people, but I’m ok with it as long as it’s followed up on immediately tomorrow night. If they fail to do that, then I reserve the right to change my mind. The sad part is that the WWE Title changed hands again and that didn’t seem to mean much. Del Rio has to hold onto that thing for a while for it to recapture some of its gravitas.

Replay Verdict: I can’t recommend anyone order the replay of this show. It will likely be covered extensively on this week’s TV Broadcasts, and none of the matches are so spectacular that you should go out of your way to see them.

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