Shore's Weekend Promo: The good and the bad of TNA Impact, 2-21-11, Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston, What the Iron Sheik thinks of Michael Cole, and a Dot Net reader special offer from Pro Wrestling Evo

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Feb 5, 2011 - 12:27 PM

In the spirit of my beloved WCW Saturday Night, welcome to the Shore Weekend Promo. Every week I will mention, the good, the bad, the ugly, and whatever else I want to talk about across all of wrestling.

Opening Series (My overall thoughts on the week):

The Royal Rumble was this past Sunday which means the road to WrestleMania 27 is officially upon us. I like the matches that are setting up so far, but I do think WWE needs something extra to make this a WrestleMania worthy card. Perhaps 2-21-11 will provide that spark, or perhaps it will come earlier. But as good as the card looks for in the ring, I don't think it's enough to sell WrestleMania as the biggest PPV of the year.

Pops (The best of the week):

-Two weeks in a row I will start with TNA praise. I must be getting dementia. At any rate, I do have to say they did a very good job of making the hard turn to Fortune for "They" as opposed to the MEM. Sure, there are problems (like AJ Styles standing shoulder to shoulder with the man who choked him out just a couple of weeks ago) but considering the train wrecks that are TNA storylines, this played out fairly well.

-Christopher Daniels vs. Eddie Edwards on ROH on HDnet this week was off the charts. Hands down it was the match of the week, and unlike the TNA main event, was truly PPV worthy. I have been critical of waiting for this match after seeing Daniels with the TV title in December, and I am still critical for that reason. But as a match, it was well worth the wait.

-The 2-21-11 video is the perfect example of what the phrase "less is more" means. There were very few images, ran less than a minute in length, and the only information given was 2-21-11. And yet the interwebs exploded Monday night and all week as the speculation of who was coming that day began. Even after it was revealed that Undertaker, who fits the images in the video, would be returning that night, fans everywhere still speculate that it will be someone other than Taker.

-I'm really excited about an Alberto Del Rio/Kofi Kingston program, even if it is short run. Del Rio is a great heel, and Kofi is way over. The last time Smackdown had that combination it was CM Punk and Jeff Hardy, and we know how that turned out. Now I'm not saying we will get that here. It's hard to catch lightning in a bottle twice, to be sure. But the similarities between the two programs cannot be denied. Can WWE do it again?

Heat (The worst of the week):

-While TNA's dealing with "They" was well done, the rest of the show can only be described as the drizzling shits. Literally everything else on that show was terrible, with the exception of the Jeff Hardy/Mr. Anderson exchange. But even their match sucked. "They" might be Dixie's saviors in the story, but we need one more "They" to be revealed. This time in a creative meeting.

-I won't belabor the point here because I do belabor it in my blog, but the videos with the Jarretts and the kids were disgusting. Was the content of the videos out of line? No, not really. I know I made a big deal out of it that night, but I realize now I just don't like the idea of a real life divorce angle involving kids playing out on TV. The kids may never be affected by this, and I trust Kurt, Karen and Jeff to know what is best for their kids. But that doesn't make it good TV or even appropriate.

-The mixed tag match for the world title on Smackdown shows just how far titles have fallen in value. The idea that someone who could never wear that belt was defending it against someone who could never wear it just infuriates me. Why have we reduced every title to nothing more than a piece of metal that some guy carries around for a little while?

Tweet This (Best Tweets from "The Boys"):

Steve Corino: Not fun moment #23: Sneezing while peeing. Women & @RobDimension have it so good...I didn't want to wear these pants anyway.

CM Punk: Sting is mad dirt sheets leaked the news. Says news wouldn't have gotten out if, "that nerd Meltzer didn't stand so close to me!"

Jay Briscoe: At the circus, hoping a elephant takes a big shit

Mr. Anderson: LOVE out of shape guys that wear TapOut gear with stocking caps that walk around with ILS. (Imaginary Lat Syndrome) Tough through osmosis!

Chris Jericho: Everyone is asking me who i think is gonna win the Superbowl!!! My answer is- i don't give a rats ass, I'm from Canada...

(Evo wrestler) Jake Manning: Konley, Cedric and I r starting a new wrestling faction calld, "Decent Opener" Shore's Slant: This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

Obligatory Iron Sheik Tweet: if i see the Michael cole i suplex him put him in the camel clutch and f*** his ass make him humble

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