Shore's Weekend Promo: Is anybody getting Against All Odds? WWE Smackdown, Vince McMahon's return to TV, TNA custody battles, and Evo Eight is now available

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Feb 12, 2011 - 05:31 PM

In the spirit of my beloved WCW Saturday Night, welcome to the Shore Weekend Promo. Every week I will mention, the good, the bad, the ugly, and whatever else I want to talk about across all of wrestling.

Opening Series (My overall thoughts on the week): This Sunday is the second "Phil Collins" PPV for TNA, Against All Odds, and I want to know, does anyone care? I don't mean this cynical, rude or ugly. I'm genuinely asking. I cannot remember a PPV with worse pre-show buzz than this. I can't even tell you from memory what the card is and I get paid for this! I like to rag on TNA, mostly because it deserves it, but I'm really starting to wonder when the Panda Energy board will start asking questions that TNA can't answer.

Pops (The best of the week):

-I must say, the best moment of the week was hearing Kofi Kingston speak. It occurred to me that I couldn't even remember when the last time he spoke. I'm sure it had to be around the time he won the Intercontinental Title, but that's conjecture, not memory. WWE needs to let these guys talk more to help establish the personalities we want to fall in love with.

-And while we are on Smackdown, the ending of this week's show was fantastic. I know I scream for logic all the time and this had very little. But as I have also said, wrestling is best when it invokes a strong emotion. And no one watching that show Friday was emotionless when Clay Matthews hit the three count. Loved it or hated it, you felt something at that moment. Bravo WWE.

-Once again, thank you all for the emails about Big Show being suplexed. I walked away from wrestling for a long time and missed the end of WCW, and the vast majority of the Attitude Era, so all of these videos are new to me. That said, I will continue to find Ezekiel Jackson's freakish strength…well…freakish. WOW!

Heat (The worst of the week):

-Good week for heat. Just about everything sucked to some degree this week. Not surprisingly, TNA gets top draw with a fake custody battle woven into a story involving people that actually had to agree on custody! The fact that more people don't understand why this is disgusting is really starting to bother me too. My hope? Social services shows up and disqualifies every adult around from ever having children. Hey, it sounds like a Russo ending.

-The return of Mr. McMahon! What the hell was that? He came out subdued, made a statement about making an announcement, and then watched Randy Orton walk to the ring. What? He had more life in the conference call! Vince rarely blows an appearance like this, but he did a fine job of blowing it this time.

-Not only did Vince blow it this week, but his shows did as well. Both Raw and Smackdown seemed to have trouble maintaining traction. Just when you thought the show might be good, something happened to kill the momentum. Smackdown was especially bad if for no other reason than the normally wrestling heavy show had too many short matches that served no purpose but to get people on TV. If you're going to take the time to get them on TV, make it worthwhile!

Tweet This (Best Tweets from "The Boys"):

CM Punk: Can't stop eating olives. Worst tweet ever.

Steve Corino: About to start the chili cookoff. I better place. Lots of shit talking here. White, drunk people are super annoying.

Jay Briscoe: the halftime show use 2 be good, when they showed boobs

Dolph Ziggler: Just totally raced this soccer mom 2 treadmills down, she was such a bitch, but in a hot way! She couldn't the gym either ;)

"The Manscout" Jake Manning: 5 guys is the Bret Hart of burger joints. They both arent afraid to put themselves over

Obligatory Iron Sheik Tweet: I have the surgery and I ask for the sexy russia nurse. They give me black mother who look like the kamala. Only virgil fuck her

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Go Home (The Big Finish, Whatever I Want):

Yeah, I know I'm closing this the same way two weeks in a row. But a) these guys are giving me great material for the Through the Curtain series and I want to see them taken care of, and b) it says Shore's Weekend Promo so I do what I want. Evo Eight is available RIGHT NOW! And Dot Net readers get a special deal. Just enter promo code DOTNET at checkout and save $3 and get free shipping. Buy the video and see little Robbie's first wrestling event.

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