Shore's WWE Extreme Rules Preview and Predictions: Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus-2 out of 3 falls for the World Title, Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk-Chicago Street Fight for the WWE Title, and John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar in an Extreme Rules match

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Apr 29, 2012 - 12:27 PM

The following predictions are made with no inside knowledge as to the planned finish. I am simply guessing based on what I see on television each week. Be sure to join Jason Powell and Jake Barnett at 7:00 p.m. CT tonight for live coverage of Extreme Rules.

The Miz vs. Santino Marella for the United States Championship (preshow match): My how the mighty have fallen. Just a little over a year ago The Miz was headlining WrestleMania. Today he's on the preshow of a B level PPV fighting for a title no one cares about. There's no reason to move this title, as it won't help Miz and Santino at least gets a good reaction from the crowd.

Prediction: Santino Marella retains the United States Championship.

Beth Phoenix vs. Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship: The finish to this match is not in question. The Bellas are leaving WWE. Their agent is accepting bookings right now. So the only reason to put a title on them is to tell some story, and Beth winning it back isn't that story. The return of Kharma is imminent. Nikki retains here, but expect karma to be a bitch tomorrow.

Prediction: Nikki Bella (though probably Brie) retains the Divas Championship.

Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show for the Intercontinental Championship (stipulation TBA): "Spin the wheel, make the deal!" OK, that's not what WWE is calling it, but it's the same thing. I only have two hopes on this. One, that the gimmicked wheel doesn't look gimmicked (we've had some doozies over the years) and two, that Cody Rhodes wins so he can get his heat back. Cody was great going into WrestleMania. Since then, they have managed to suck every ounce of heat off him. He needs to start getting it back today. He has much more long term value than Big Show at this point.

Prediction: Cody Rhodes uses the stipulation to win the Intercontinental Championship.

Kane vs. Randy Orton in a Falls Count Anywhere match: I'm not sure I could care less about this match, or any match for that matter. Remember, it was a street fight match just last July that is the basis for this whole feud. Neither guy has been impressive as of late, and neither have sold me on this feud. This needs to be the blow off. Orton needs to be "repackaged" (not a new character, just freshen things up a little) and Kane needs...well, something. His return to the mask has been an abject failure. Since Kane needs the heat more than Orton, and they've done such a poor job with this that it's hard to care either way, I'm going with him here.

Prediction: Kane defeats Randy Orton.

Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk in a Chicago Street Fight for the WWE Championship: There's a lot of questions surrounding Chris Jericho;s schedule. At WrestleMania he had four dates with Fozzy. Today it sounds like they are doing a four year tour. Jericho is the epitome of the phrase "Always working" so you have to take anything and everything he says with a grain of salt. That said, both of these guys are very smart, and both like to do unexpected things.

If Chris Jericho does not have a huge tour coming up, the title probably changes hands here as he and Punk would go to the back after the match and listen to Chicago collectively shit the bed. If that isn't the finish, then expect Punk's family to each get a shot at Jericho in their hometown. I'm going with the latter, not because I think Jericho is going away for a while, but because I think WWE likes CM Punk as champion right now.

Prediction: CM Punk retains the WWE Championship.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus in a two-out-of-three falls match for the World Heavyweight Championship: This is the match I am most conflicted about. I do not like to see titles hot-shot around, especially after one month. Sheamus is very over, and carries the strap well. But Bryan has been so damn good! And I do think AJ plays into the finish tonight. I think she turns full psycho heel and reunites with Bryan. That moves the title, which goes against what I believe they will do. So as I said, I'm very conflicted. I'm taking Sheamus, because I don't think they will move the title back, but I pick him with no great confidence in my picks.

Prediction: Sheamus retains the World Heavyweight Championship.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar in an Extreme Rules match: I wanted to write a huge thing here, but what is there to say? Brock Lesnar has to win his first match out to stay relevant. WWE seems intent on telling a story about Cena losing. This might be the easiest one to pick.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar beats John Cena (probably half to death).

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