Shore's Weekend Promo: Triple H gets the benefit of the doubt, Kurt Angle does not, Michael Cole, Steve Austin and JBL all impress, and Pro Wrestling Evo presents Life As We Know It

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Mar 13, 2011 - 02:21 PM

In the spirit of my beloved WCW Saturday Night, welcome to the Shore Weekend Promo. Every week I will mention, the good, the bad, the ugly, and whatever else I want to talk about across all of wrestling.

Opening Series (My overall thoughts on the week):

This was an up and down week in professional wrestling. Even though the Road to WrestleMania 27 gives us great moments to setup matches on the card, the actual wrestling during this time is lacking. When you combine that with TNA's general lack of wrestling now, and the fact that I didn't get to see ROH this week, I was left wanting. Fortunately for me, Pro Wrestling Evo presented Life As We Know It last night and it made everything OK. Let's get to it.

Pops (The best of the week):

-I really want to take moment and point out Triple H's promo on Smackdown. He proved that he could go out there and sell his match without destroying the whole locker room in the process. Hunter's a smart guy and I really believe nobody thought about the words of his first promo long enough to consider how it would bury everyone in the back. I don't have any proof of that mind you, just trying to give the benefit of the doubt here considering he did a very nice job of hyping both the match and the No Holds Barred stipulation.

-Kudos to Michael Cole, JBL and Steve Austin for their performances Monday night. For me, this was the highlight of the show, and everybody played their part perfectly. JBL reminded us how good he can be on the mic, and "Stone Cold" reminded us why he can be so much fun. Cole played his part perfectly, and I will almost miss this character when he goes back to calling it straight. Almost.

-And I cannot explain enough how much I liked what Miz did at the end of Raw. For the first time ever I gave a moment of pause before announcing John Cena would still crush him at WrestleMania 27. That may not seem like much, but I've been confident in that pick since before the Royal Rumble. It wasn't enough to convince me Miz is going over, but it was a little chink in what has otherwise been an indestructible belief.

-And I will give TNA a little love this week. Of course after last week's show the bar was set so low they couldn't have done any worse. I like the way the main event players were used, and I really like the way Mr. Anderson's character is working. I agree with Jason in that I hope they continue to allow Anderson to work as a "free agent" instead of picking a side.

Heat (The worst of the week):

-I might have given Hunter the benefit of the doubt, but I will not be giving Kurt Angle any more when it comes to the story involving his kids. Angle did an interview we reported on this week were he states that he never wanted his kids involved, and he has been uncomfortable with it at times, but he's trying to be a team player. This is the most absurd statement I have heard come out of a wrestler's mouth—kayfabe or shoot—in my 27 years of watching, and that's saying something.

I'm as big a team player as you can get. I point to my coverage of NXT and Superstars as proof. But if Jason ever asked me to do something involving my kids that I was uncomfortable with and I say yes, I'm no longer being a team player. I'm being a bad dad. It's fine if Kurt, Karen, Jeff, et al. want to say their kids aren't damaged by the story and we should all just calm down. But to freely admit that using them makes you uncomfortable and then allow it to happen is disgusting on a whole different level. Members can see more of my (unedited) thoughts on this in the forum.

-Smackdown had three matches this week that each lasted under a minute. I understand the Road to WrestleMania 27 is more about stories and less about in ring action, but come on. The Diva's match was so short it only had five moves between the two women. We joke about Cena and his "five moves of doom," but this was five moves of garbage. WWE can cut back on the in-ring product some and still give us more than 42 second matches surely.

-And I want to get one more complaint out of my system in how WWE is using Brodus Clay. He had the promo of his life on the season finale of NXT, and they just ignored it. I cannot think of an idea more entertaining to me than seeing dead (kayfabe) babyfaces all over parking lots, backstage areas and anywhere else Brodus can find one to kill. You could build him to a monster in a matter of months and then have a fresh new heel for perhaps a fresh ne babyface to make his name off of. But alas, he's providing cover for Del Rio, who was better when he was the meanest dude in the room instead of hiding behind muscle.

Tweet This (Best Tweets from "The Boys"):

CM Punk: Maurice says I should follow her. What's her name? The French broad.

Ricardo Rodreguez: “@bigreyn321: @RRWWE GIVE ME ALBERTO DEL RIO'S PHONE NUMBER” 867-5309

Steve Corino:People in gyms are so uptight. If there is 4 showers & 5 people, someone has to share. Sorry for peeing dude. Didn't know it was frowned on!

"The Manscout" Jake Manning:The market scenes on spartacus look more civalized than a walmart on a sat.

Obligatory Iron Sheik Tweet: god bles all my interligent fans... iron sheik is down but not out... i fuck that hollywod blonde fag half a half and make him humble one more time.

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Go Home (The Big Finish, Whatever I Want):

You guys made sure I broke 500 followers on Twitter this week. So as promised, below is a video of Patrick Wright and Cale Crosby doing a bit of a run through for their match at Pro Wrestling Evo's Life As We Know It event last night. Of particular interest is the chair kick spot that starts about 1:20 into the video. That's what it looked like about 5:00 (video link)…

And here's what it looked like in the match:


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