Shore's Weekend Promo: The best week of wrestling in recent history leads to a lack of heat, Fun Tweets of the Week, and 5 Dollar Wrestling is a must see

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Aug 7, 2011 - 06:33 PM

In the spirit of my beloved WCW Saturday Night, welcome to the Shore Weekend Promo. Every week I will mention, the good, the bad, the ugly, and whatever else I want to talk about across all of wrestling.

Opening Series (My overall thoughts on the week): It's been a long time since I was this excited about wrestling as a whole. A lot of good things are happening all over the place. The C.M. Punk storyline is energizing the Internet, Smackdown is blossoming under its new creative head, the WWE Divas are poised to do something good for the first time in years--minus the short lived Kharma moment--TNA seems legitimately honest about pushing the X Division, ROH is about to record their first TV for Sinclair, the local indy group I have been following--Pro Wrestling Evo--turned a profit on their last show, and Kenny Omega is wrestling little girls. OK, that last one was fun but maybe doesn't belong in that list.

The point is that for the first time in perhaps a decade, there is a reason to find wrestling, any wrestling really, and watch because there is a cornucopia of things to choose from and like. Reporters like myself are often accused of being too cynical and pessimistic. Sometimes that charge is fair. But until recently, there hasn't been a whole lot to celebrate. It's nice to see times are changing, and my biggest hope of hopes, as a fan, is that even if we don't break into another "era," then at least we have just plain ol' good stuff to watch each and every week.

Pops (The best of the week):

-I cannot say enough how good the Randy Orton and John Morrison vs. Christian and R-Truth match was on this week's Smackdown. Granted there was a better match on the card--Daniel Bryan vs. Tyson Kidd--but no match did more for everyone involved than the main event. Usually when you have two singles feuds crammed together to make a tag match, one feud plays second fiddle to get the more important one over. And while Christian and Orton were certainly the main focus of the match, both Truth and Morrison raised their game and gave me a reason to watch them. The ending sequence is one of the best I have ever seen, and this was the first time in memory that Christian hit the Kill Switch and I didn't think, "That move exposes the business." Go out of your way to see this one.

-And while you're out of your way, be sure to check out the Sheamus vs. Great Khali match. It may honestly be the best Khali match in recorded history. Now I realize that's like saying "That was the best root canal I have ever had," but stick with me. Khali lumbered around the ring, but when you're that size, all you can do is lumber. But Sheamus bumped around like a little guy for him, and took some stiff looking shots to help sell it. And the crowd reaction for Sheamus at the end wrapped the whole thing up in a neat little package. I'm not saying your life will be changed by this match, but watch it and see if you don't say, "Huh. That was pretty good."

-Not to be WWE heavy, but they were the studs this week, and nothing was bigger for me as a fan than the action of the Divas. I love women's wrestling, especially as a "something" different. The WWE style is so prevalent in every match that even though the bodies change, it often feels like you're watching the same match for two or three hours. Women provide a great counterbalance to that, when used properly. And the number of bytes I have chewed up pointing out that they have not been used properly is staggering. But the antics of Beth Phoenix and Natalya this week, plus the last two weeks of matches, have certainly gone a long way to re-establishing that counterbalance.

Heat (The worst of the week):

-It wasn't a perfect week, to be sure. Plenty of problems abounded, just like always. But in light of my excitement over wrestling, the buzz I have after finishing my book (Info coming soon!), I don't really have heat with anyone this week. So let's Twitter!

Tweet This (Best Tweets from "The Boys"):

-WWE Diva AJ: Who got a win over Natalya last night? This guy (points to self with thumbs). I'm sorry Nattie, but your princess is in another castle.

-C.M. Punk: Veggie sammiches are better with bacon.

-Shane Helms: Raven has the worst tweets ever! :-) The only thing worse than his tweets was that match between Me & D-Lo vs Him & Johnny The Bull

-Tommy Dreamer: To clear up all rumors. I am not at TNA PPV but I am wrestling so I hav my Justice. I am Hardcore. I am not Hard or part of the Core.

-Obligatory Iron Sheik Tweet: the money in the america become shit like the virgil. not even the ted dibiase make the money real

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Go Home (The Big Finish, Whatever I Want): One more tweet this week. This one from local wrestler "The Manscout" Jake Manning: "I just finished explaining to Dyn-O-mite that he does need a passport to go to New Mexico. I wish I was making this stuff up"

Dyn-O-mite is just one of the many wrestlers your missing if you aren't watching 5 Dollar Wrestling. If you are a fan of MST3K (which I am) and of wrestling (which I am) and can find a few minutes to not take things so seriously, then you have to watch 5 Dollar Wrestling. Hell, even if you aren't any of those things you should still be watching. The newest edition, Tournament of Champions, might be the best worst thing ever. Check out the preview video on YouTube, and then head over to to pick up your copy.

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