Shore's Weekend Promo: TNA pulls a copycat, Tag team wrestling is about to make a big splash, Undertaker and Triple H steal the show, Iron Sheik gives his Twitter thoughts on Ric Flair and David Arquette sits down with Oprah

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Feb 26, 2011 - 02:31 PM

In the spirit of my beloved WCW Saturday Night, welcome to the Shore Weekend Promo. Every week I will mention, the good, the bad, the ugly, and whatever else I want to talk about across all of wrestling.

Opening Series (My overall thoughts on the week):

What a crazy week in pro wrestling. WWE teased some more edge to their product and gave us a promo with no words. TNA showed us they have no original ideas and are marching lock step with the history of WCW (don't worry, no spoilers in here). And ROH is going all-in with tag team wrestling. And I had the flu on Wednesday. Like I said, crazy week.

Pops (The best of the week):

-My affinity for tag team wrestling is well documented, so just looking at the two tag matches on the ROH 9th Anniversary Show on paper make me want to mark out. I expect exceptional things from the Kings of Wrestling and the All Night Express, and I expect even more from The Briscoe Brothers vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team. If you miss this show, I don't think you can ever legitimately call yourself a fan of tag team wrestling. Watch the show here and follow along with me live.

-How do you have a promo without words? Ask the people who wrote the Undertaker/Triple H segment from Raw. Not a word was spoken between these two, and yet I don't think the moment could have been hotter. Undertaker glaring at Triple H as he did a full entrance and turnbuckle posing was unreal. And his smirk at the end was a moment that people will talk about anytime Taker is brought up again. Hunter, of course, created the atmosphere that allowed Taker to shine like he did. And then the very good hype video shown on Smackdown really sent this feud into overdrive. Just a fantastic moment even if it was placed oddly on the show.

-Kudos to all the winners of the Dot Net awards. Fortunately I didn't have to wear the golden dress and present the statues in person this year. I think the one trend we can surmise from our voting is that the future of wrestling depends on smaller groups getting their product seen. Some of the best workers and stories are in the "independents," but they are just not getting exposed.

Heat (The worst of the week):

-3-3-11 Are you serious? It defies all logic that TNA would so blatantly rip off the Undertaker's return to tease Sting's. I have no problem with them capitalizing on the buzz over Sting, good for them and him. But the buzz died a ton this Monday, and then to tease it in the SAME EXACT WAY is unreal. I would be more appalled by this, but I know the spoilers for next week so I know I better save some of my energy for that.

-What in the blue hell is WWE doing with Kofi Kingston? They obviously see something in him, so why continue to bury him every week. And it is burying. This isn't just a loss, this is a string of losses that always end up with Kofi nursing some part of his body. He's not just getting beat, he is getting beaten. And he's starting to lose some of that luster that he had not too long ago.

-I'm sorry, but I found John Cena's promo to be lazy comedy and a weak response to Rock. It had its moments. The Barny's turd line made me laugh, and I appreciated the desire to be edgy like Rock was. But ultimately, it was a string of gay jokes that made the boys giggle, but the men shrug their shoulders. Cena is better than that, and can do better than that.

Tweet This (Best Tweets from "The Boys"):

Dolph Ziggler: Girl just said people call her "cupcake" I said "Why, because of your muffin top?" Hahahahaha ;)

CM Punk: The canvas used to be stained with blood. Now it's stained with fake tanner.

Steve Corino: Very happy that at the 1st truck stop I weighed 236. Maybe after a grande cup of @Starbucks and a good poo, I could be at 234 by belltime!

Former WWE Creative member Seth Mates: Why does tna keep shooting themself in the foot? Stop being poor man's wwe - wwe is already poor man's wwe

Stone Cole Steve Austin: last night i dreamed i got in a fight with Godzilla...whipped his ass so bad, he is now doing TV commercials as the Geico lizard...

Jay Briscoe: Papa B. just asked me "whats that high powered energy beer called?". I Told him 4 Loco... bet he tries 2 do a run-in thru da computer 2night

Obligatory Iron Sheik Tweet: ric flair birthday. I train him .i made him. i fuck him .i take him. i beat him. i kill him. i stretch him, FUCK THE RIC FLAIR

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Go Home (The Big Finish, Whatever I Want):

No, I don't watch Oprah, but while perusing Dave Lagana's site, I found this video of David Arquette on Oprah discussing his recent battles with substance abuse and rehab. I give Arquette a lot of shit for ruining my young adulthood by winning the WCW title. And, quite frankly, deservedly so. Bu then he also deserves credit for something like this. It takes a very big man to confront his demons and then to talk about them so openly. I applaud him for what he has done, and continue to wish him good will in his recovery. Perhaps he can inspire some of those in the industry who seem to be spiraling out of control as well. But Dave, stay the hell away from wrestling, yeah?

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