Shore's WWE Smackdown Hitlist: Little hype for TLC, Cody Rhodes stands out, Ted Dibaise isn't done any favors, and WWE continues to try an create Mexican America 2.0

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Dec 17, 2011 - 12:20 PM

By Chris Shore

WWE Smackdown Hits

Cody Rhodes: Cody is doing the best work of his young career right now, and he and Dolph Ziggler are the two guys I see breaking the proverbial glass ceiling next. His promo work with Booker was spot on. The crowd didn't give it much heat, but they popped big for Booker's responses. Part of that is Booker T the legend, but part of that is Cody. I like the way he is developing and look forward to seeing what he more he can do.

Randy Orotn and Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett. I'm not a big fan of having two singles PPV matches hyped by putting the participants together in a random tag match, and this is no except. However, the match was very entertaining, and I thought Ryder was able to hang with the other men. He's never going to make it to the top with that gimmick, but it was good to see him work with three men who aren't comedy gimmicks and still get over. Fun match you should see if you missed it.

Mark Henry and Big Show: Show's match with Jack Swagger was what it was, but the post match attack from Henry was one of the few moments when a feud got some heat. I was very concerned putting Show and Henry together, but they have managed to produce a feud that has kept me entertained the entire time. I hope their match on Sunday is a good blow off.

WWE Smackdown Misses

Primo, Epico and Rosa: First let me state that when I said "All the Mexicans all together" in my report, I knew perfectly well Primo and Epico were Puerto Ricans. And while I did not know Rosa's Costa Rican heritage, I was pretty sure she wasn't Mexican either. My point, as poorly made as it was, was that I'm not sure WWE knows that.

Rosa has been a babyface for sometime, and they just stuck her with the Latino heel team for no reason other than she is a Latina. In my head, I could just hear someone saying, "Put all the Mexicans together," when they came up with this idea. I'm not sure if they are officially spun off from Hunico or not, but the Mexican America feel to this group annoys me at best.

TLC Hype: There was very little direct hype for the show. All that time that was put into replaying the crappy Slammy's videos could have been used to get feud over. I understand this might be the definition of a throw away show, but it's just like I talked about with TNA on Dot Net Weekly. Just because the company doesn't think it's an important show doesn't mean they should crap on the fans who are still willing to pay.

Jinder Mahal and Ted DiBiase: So Jinder is supposed to be feuding with Ted in an effort to get Ted over, and so they feed him to Sheamus in three minutes? How does that help Ted. Sure, Ted can beat Jinder. But you just told us Jinder really isn't all that impressive. Big mistakes with those series of matches.

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