Shore's WWE Smackdown Hitlist: Big Show looks like a star, The Miz doesn't, Rock and CM Punk sell the Rumble, Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus, Randy Orton kills 3MB, and Hornswoggle dances for Rosa and no one knows why

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Jan 26, 2013 - 02:05 PM

By Chris Shore

WWE Smackdown Hits

The Rock vs. CM Punk: Is there any argument over what the Hit of the Hits is? Punk and Rock delivered the best work of their feud on Smackdown (something I would have lost a bet on) and gave the final push anyone still on the fence needed to buy this show. Rock was very little shtick and a lot of badass. Punk was Punk, which is what he needed to be. I don't want to wax on and on about this so I will leave it with this: If this didn't make you want to see this match, then you should probably stop watching wrestling. Nothing is ever going to hook you.

Big Show: Much like Mark Henry was the breakout star when he held the World Championship, Big Show has used the main event slot to sell me on his continued use in WWE> I was convinced he had reached that point in his career where he needed to be a feature act, not a day to day wrestler, and Big Show has made me eat my words. His lines in the opening segment were a Hit, but his acting at the end of Smackdown was borderline masterful. I wanted to boo the guy by the time he got to the end of the Spanish ten count, and I am about as jaded as they come.

Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus: The ending of this match as a major miss, but I'm putting it in the Hits because it was a good match. I still don't get why Barrett had to lose squeaky clean to Sheamus, who doesn't need the win, but Barrett did look good throughout the match and this seems to be WWE's MO even if I don't understand it. I would have rather seen a non-finish or Barrett go over clean, especially considering the looming feud between Sheamus and Randy Orton. Orton jobbed clean to Barrett, Sheamus should have done the same, just like they have both killed 3MB recently (see below).

WWE Smackdown Misses

Randy Orton vs. 3MB: From the "anything you can do I can do better" file of WWE we get Orton hitting RKOs and rope DDTs on all three members of 3MB just one week after Sheamus made all three eat Brogue kicks. I get it from a subliminal standpoint, but how are 3MB supposed to get over if all they are is cannon fodder for Orton and Sheamus. Not that I'm pulling for 3MB because the gimmick sucks. Now you see why this is such a miss. None of it makes sense. None of it is good.

Rosa Mendes vs. Natalya: What was the point of this? It wasn't to get the women over. It wasn't to get the men over. It wasn't to build a feud, as best I can tell. Well, at least not with the teams. It seems like a feud between Hornswoggle and Rosa, but all that does is beg the question "Why?" On an otherwise good show, this was the biggest miss of the night.

The Miz: From the worst babyface turn in years to the worst figure four in history, Miz is floundering right now. His pending loss to Antonio Cesaro isn't going to help matters either. Not that I am advocating for him beating Cesaro. That would be a huge mistake for everyone involved. But I do think Miz needs to revamp his character if he is going to have any success as a babyface. And learn how to use the damn figure four.

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