Shore's WWE Smackdown Hitlist: Big Show gets overexposed going into Vengeance, Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara delights and disappoints, Dolph Ziggler could sell ice to Eskimos, and one final rant on Booker T

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Oct 22, 2011 - 02:23 PM

By Chris Shore

WWE Smackdown Hits

Wade Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan: Even though the show had relatively few misses, there weren't exactly that many hits either. And even those hits had problems. Take this match, for example. Barrett and Bryan put on a very good five minute match that left me salivating for a 15 plus minute match from them. Yet it was also a useless match. Barrett has no heat right now, and defeating Bryan, again, is not going to help because Bryan has no heat. Two guys in the indys can get in the ring and spontaneously get each other over with their skill. That doesn't happen in WWE because of how everything on TV is structured. These two are great in the ring together. Give them a story and watch it explode into something spectacular.

Dolph Ziggler: I do not think there is a better in-ring guy in WWE right now than Dolph Ziggler. He took that Brogue kick from Sheamus like a shotgun blast to the face. He can be over the top sometimes, but so were a lot of great sellers. In fact, if I had to compare Ziggler to anyone at this point, it would be Shawn Michaels, who also went over the top at times (and I'm not even counting the giant middle finger he gave Hogan). If there was anybody I would want to see work twice in the same night on a WWE PPV, it is without a doubt, Dolph Ziggler.

WWE Smackdown Misses

Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara: I struggled with this for a while. I thought about putting it in the hits for a moment because both of these guys have had problems with botches at one time or another and this was a pretty good match. But after considering all that, I realized it had to go into the misses. The good match only serves to highlight how poorly this story was told. The only reason that crowd was hot was for its native sons. If this match happens in the US, it's crickets. And that's a shame. This story had a good core, but the creative team is designed to fail. Hunico and Mistico were just victims of that design, but this still hurts both men in at least the short term.

Booker T: I promised myself I wouldn't complain about the announce team again. At this point, I am generally able to tune them out, especially when they start all the snarking back and forth. But Booker T was beyond the pale last night, and his most egregious garbage was at the end of the Sin Cara match when he sold Hunico's unmasking like he would have Kane's. Cole's, "What? It's a normal guy with a crew cut," only served to paint Booker in bright shades of moron when Booker continued to insist Hunico was "hideous." And let's not forget his genius in the main event when he told us, "Big Show's got that left hand, he's got that right hand." I believe in my heart of hearts that Booker is playing a character and he's really not this stupid. But that statement begs the ultimate question: Why?

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio: How awful was this match? Bad enough that I picked up the remote before remembering I was covering. The problem is Big Show is over exposed. Smaller guys can come back with new stuff all the time. Big guys don't have that leisure. So it's the same thing as soon as he returns. And why, with his limited move set, would you put him in a long TV match just a few days before a long PPV match? Way to overexpose him even more! Del Rio, for his part, did nothing to help this match. I don't know if it's lack of experience of working with big men, or the agent stunk, or what. But this was a terrible main event.

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