Shore's WWE Smackdown Hitlist: Big Show and Brodus Clay stand out, Santino Marella gets molested, Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian disappoints, so does Mick Foley, but Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler does not

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Jun 23, 2012 - 12:36 PM

By Chris Shore

WWE Smackdown Hits

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler: This was a pleasant surprise. After seeing these guys three times in about 10 days I was sure we wouldn't get a long, or even good, match. They managed to have a completely different match from the PPV while still entertaining us. Ziggler bumps better than anyone alive that I have seen. This guy is going to be a big star someday if they will ever get serious about his push. Sheamus continues to be impressive in the ring, but his character needs real help if he is going to enjoy success.

Opening Segment: Big Show was very good in his opening promo. I still do not know how many Money in the Bank matches there are. Several emailers have pointed out that Show referred to winning the WWE Championship, which seems to indicate he is in the Raw match. On the same hand, just because he is hinting at a WWE Championship cash in doesn't mean there won't only be one match. Hopefully we'll have more clarity come Monday.

The other Hit about the segment was Brodus Clay, who while taking another WMD, had to be attacked from behind to allow Show to recover. I think Show vs. Clay could do well down the road. It won't be a five star match, but the feud could be built around the size of both men and that could be special. David Otunga is a Miss, but not enough to drag the segment down.

Primo punches AW: The simple altercation between AW's current and former teams did more to put heat on the tag division than any match that has been held thus far. This wasn't very long, but it was a big Hit for that feud.

WWE Smackdown Misses

Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian: I'm sure I'll get hate mail for this Miss, but I did not like the match. I didn't like the story they were telling more than anything. So much of the match was Christian missing a move and Del Rio responds, only to have Christian hit a surprise move and then miss the next one to start the whole cycle over again. That's fine for a series, but not a whole match. Technically they did nothing wrong, but technical skills will only get you so far, as we have seen time and again.

Santino Marella: What the hell was that? Seriously, what was that. It was almost like the Khali kiss thing, but even stranger if you can believe it. What purpose did it serve? I hate camp comedy as a rule, but if it accomplishes something I will give it a pass. This didn't seem to do anything but leave Santino covered in makeup in the ring. So strange.

Mick Foley: This Miss isn't really Foley's fault, he wasn't given much to work with. Still, if you are going to have guest GMs, give them something interesting. Foley had the utterly bizarre moment with dancing Khali, and then the lame moment with Ryder in the ring. The interaction with Damien Sandow didn't stink, but it seemed unimportant after the garbage before. Hopefully this leads to Ryder vs. Sandow as that could be a great feud.

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