Shore's WWE Smackdown Hit List: Talking segments get almost all the hits while most of the matches miss in a lackluster Smackdown show

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Jan 18, 2014 - 02:48 PM

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WWE Smackdown Hits

Mae Young tribute video: It may not be the best place to put this video with the rest of the Hits, but I couldn't just ignore what was clearly a heartfelt video by WWE. Far too many people watching WWE today didn't know who Mae Young really was and her impact on women in wrestling and this video did a great job of teaching that history while also honoring Mae and saying goodbye. I'm perfectly comfortable with saying I had a couple of tears by the time it was over.

Bray Wyatt: Great promo work once again from Bray Wyatt gave him a Hit, but they have to be careful of making the same mistake as his debut. His feud with Bryan is not yet over, but it looks like it will be soon. Once that happens, they have to give Bray a firm direction or we will end up with more meaningless promos. That's a waste of his talent and I hope they avoid it.

Paul Heyman and Big Show: Heyman had a Hit on his hands just from the promo, but Big Show's interruption and Heyman's flight sealed it for me. Show was also good on the mic here and they are doing a good job of building to Show vs. Lesnar. It still feels a little rushed, but I'm feeling it much more than I was a week ago.

CM Punk and Company: A nice close to the show and I assume we end up with Punk vs. Kane as an appetizer to Punk vs. Triple H at WrestleMania. The continued beat downs on Punk from presumed Authority lackeys is only going to go so far in progressing the storyline, so I thought it was a big Hit to send Kane out to lay the groundwork necessary to have the feud make sense.

Tamina vs. Naomi: I'm giving this a mild Hit. Hopefully it will help Naomi feel better after that botched back drop. In all seriousness, Naomi is a hell of an athlete and you can tell she has been working on her craft as her green only shows a little bit in these matches. How she does with AJ, which I presume is where this is going, will tell us a lot about her future as a wrestling act.

WWE Smackdown Misses

The Brotherhood vs. The New Age Outlaws: Almost everything Goldust and Cody have touched has, well, turned into gold. Sadly, they missed with the Outlaws here, and I think the bulk of that falls on the Outlaws. That's not to take a shot at them. They are retired for all intents and purposes and expecting them to have high end matches every time out is expecting too much.

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio: Lather, rinse, repeat, just with a different ending. That's what this match felt like. Del Rio's stock continues to flounder without the title, and his incessant verbal attacks on Batista only serve to let us know who Batista is going to kill when he returns. I hope Del Rio has at least one moment on Batista before getting pounded into the mat, but I'm afraid he will continue to be pushed down the card by the animal's return.

Big E Langston vs. Fandango: The midcard continues to be mired in miss after miss and this match was no exception. Don't get me wrong, these guys didn't stink it up, there was just no reason to care. That's a waste of the talents of two men who were in the ring who have a bright future in WWE.

Diva lead ins: I'm not sure what, exactly, this was supposed to accomplish because I don’t think it accomplished anything. At first I thought it was just for Total Divas. Then Aksana showed up--she could be on the next season, but it was still confusing--and I never felt like I understood what they were trying to get over. That's a complete miss.

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