Shore's WWE Hell in a Cell preview and predictions: Will anyone leave the show as WWE Champion? Will John Cena win in his return match, Will CM Punk get his hands on Paul Heyman?

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Oct 27, 2013 - 05:07 PM

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Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan in a Hell in a Cell match for the vacant WWE Championship with Shawn Michaels as special referee: I mentioned it Thursday in Dot Net Weekly and it bears repeating here: I'm absolutely terrified this ends in a non-finish for the title to be held up yet again. There's no question we see Big Show at some point during this match and if it isn't to rip the door off and end the match, what could it possibly be? Ending the match doesn't mean Show causes yet another non-finish by himself, but if Triple H runs out, along with the Shield and a million other people (which would set up a Survivor Series match nicely wouldn't it?) then another non-finish becomes the likely scenario. I'm going to pick against it out of hope and desire and go with Bryan because that's what should happen, but don't be surprised if my fears are realized tonight.

Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Championship.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship. Never pick against John Cena in title matches. That's the rule, right? Normally I would agree, but I have to go against the grain here because Cena winning the title accomplishes nothing. There won't be any juice to the win. He has to ultimately get involved with The Authority and all that is happening there. And I refuse to believe they are going to merge the titles. So with absolutely no upside or reason to put the belt on Cena, I'm going to say they don't and Del Rio retains, but he doesn't win the match.

John Cena wins the match but Alberto Del Rio retains the World Heavyweight Championship.

C.M. Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman in a Hell in a Cell match. With this being the other Hell in a Cell match on the card, and with expected grand shenanigans in the other, this promises to be a very straight forward match. With that said, how can Ryback and Heyman possible go over with no help? Simple: they can't. CM Punk puts an end to this feud temporarily tonight.

C.M. Punk wins.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns vs. The Uso Brothers in a Triple Threat for the WWE Tag Team Championship. This match is a bit of a mess because I can't see a clear path forward here. Part of me thinks the Shield regain the tiles by pinning the Usos, and part of me thinks the Usos turn on the Rhodes brothers. Most of me thinks The Authority somehow get to Dustin to cause the much wanted Cody vs. Goldust WrestleMania match and that is made more effective by costing them the titles. With that in mind, it's a long way to Mania and so it's too early to pull that card, so I'm going with the Rhodes to retain.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust retain the WWE Tag Team Championship.

A.J. Lee vs. Brie Bella for the WWE Divas Championship. It's still too early for Brie to win the title. She hasn't connected with the crowd yet, though it does feel like it’s growing more each time. She needs to get away from Nikki or at least that god-awful entrance music. It still screams heel and she is no longer a heel. Having said all of that, I think WWE feels like she is ready and will pull the trigger here.

Brie Bella wins the WWE Divas Championship.

Los Matadores vs. The Real Americans: Booking 101 says the heels win here to keep the feud alive. WWE removed Booking 101 as a pre-requisite for their creative team a long time ago. No way the bull loses here, though I would mark out like a school girl to see the Cesaro swing on hi,

Los Matadores win.

Curtis Axel vs. Big E Langston for the Intercontinental Championship: The match was pulled from the lineup due to an undisclosed injury suffered by Axel. No replacement match was announced before this article went live.

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