A Shore Special: Through the Curtain - How the rough around the edges #FollowThis show became the best DVD ever released by Pro Wrestling Evo

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Nov 13, 2011 - 06:46 PM

By Chris Shore

Through the Curtain is a series that follows Pro Wrestling EVO, an upstart independent promotion in Concord, NC. You will find previous A Shore Special—Through the Curtain articleshere. In this article, Evo presents what the promoter, Patrick Wright, calls "The best DVD we have released.".

As I wrote in the last article in the Through the Curtain series, #FollowThis was a great show that had a ton of technical and detail problems. So when Pro Wrestling Evo promoter Patrick Wright called me and said he was excited because the #FollowThis DVD was the best DVD produced to date, I had to question either my ears or his sanity.

"I'm serious," he assured me. "Look, what I want for our DVDs is to capture, as much as possible, the feel of being there live. And for the first time, the production value afforded me that ability. So anybody who watches this DVD will feel exactly like all those people who sat there live and watched that show. And you know how good the show was."

The show was very good, but as good as being there live? "Yes. First, we fixed our audio problems. I've been real unhappy with how we have picked up the sound of the action. But I did something different this time and now you hear ever chop, every kick, every slam, every crash. Our camera angles were also better because the camera man shot between the middle and bottom ropes instead of under the bottom rope, so everything looks better too.

"When I watched the video back, even though I was there, I got chill bumps watching the main event finish again, because the sound was so perfect, you rode along with that crowd from the brawl all the way to the big spot. We had a better mix with the commentary too, so the whole thing turned out exactly how I wanted to."

I asked if he was able to cover some of the mistakes that occurred at the live show. "Yes. In fact, if you weren't there live, and all you saw was the DVD, you would think it was a perfect show.

And you know what; it really was a perfect show. If you are a wrestling fan, we have something for you on this show. The Cedric Alexander/Marcellus King main event takes you on a wild ride of emotions and action. If you are into the old school, technical side of things, Jake Manning and Zack Salvation put on a clinic. And for great action, you have to look at Caleb Konley and Kirby Mack. That match stole the show. And even the young guys who opened the show with that tag match were perfect in that spot. So yeah, it's easy for me to take that show, and add our upgraded production values, and I have no problem saying this is the best DVD we have ever produced."

If you are interested in the #FollowThis DVD, you can see a preview trailer at And yes, that is me on play-by-play.

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