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Oct 27, 2013 - 06:00 PM

By Will Pruett

These rankings are scientifically calculated by the Rank-o-matic 4000 and verified by most top scientists in the wrestling arts. They are to be taken solemnly and with absolute seriousness. The weekly rankings run every Sunday here at

1. A.J. Styles. A title win, a title defense, and grand theft auto are enough to move Styles into the top spot this week. Sure, neither of the matches he had were good, but he made up for it by taking a title belt and stealing a car. I thought he was crazy for turning down the check from Dixie Carter, but now I know he was just holding out for some sweet wheels.

2a. Daniel Bryan. D-Bry found a way to break out of his "really good but really similar" match rut on Monday by having a great bout with Dean Ambrose. Bryan also received the endorsement of (in WWE's narrative and probably in truth) the greatest professional wrestler of all time, Shawn Michaels. Sunday doesn't feel like Bryan's destiny the way SummerSlam did, but Bryan still could walk out of it as WWE Champion. The iron isn't hot, but it may never be again if WWE doesn't strike now. Oh, and he's still engaged to Brie Bella.

2b. Randy Orton. The former "Legend Killer" has a pretty good chance of being WWE Champion coming out of Hell in a Cell. Of course, to do so, he will have to overcome Daniel Bryan, and the babyface tendencies of Shawn Michaels. Orton has a solid plan for the Cell, which begins with oiling himself up and also involves a 14 minute chinlock. If Orton is slippery enough on Sunday, "The Viper" may slither out of the Cell as Champion. If not, at least he'll be oiled up for later.

4. Dean Ambrose. For starters, having a great match on Raw is always a good thing. Having a great match on Raw with a man who may become WWE Champion (and should be presented as the rightful champion) is also a plus. Going into WWE, I doubted Amrose's work a little bit, but he is proving to be a really great wrestler and an even better character. His mannerisms have helped to carry The Shield. His white and black alternating t-shirts have fascinated fans. Ambrose is pretty good at this whole "WWE Wrestling" thing. I like him.

5. Triple H. Last week, to make this list, he took off his coat. This week, to move up the list, he reminded us of all the guys he has been promoted above. I'm not a Triple H conspiracy theorist, so I won't try to make news (or newz) out of these statements. I don't want to see the Triple H vs. Big Show match, but burying people on promos as we build towards it is a sure way to move up these ranks.

6. Big E Langston. Let's be real, his WWE main roster career thus far has been pretty awkward. Big E has been Dolph Ziggler's heavy, often showing more personality than someone in his role should. He has been A.J. Lee's good friend and potential lover. He has been given the run around in WWE. Now, Big E has a chance to be the wrestler and do the act he was trained to do all the way back in NXT. Three does not mean anything. I believe we should give Big E five.

7. Big Show's Trucking Company. Sometimes a wrestler loses his job in a very public manner and you fear for him. Personally, I'm glad Show has landed on his feet and in a truck. Show, unbeknownst to all of us, has been preparing for this transition for quite a while. He even got his truck drivers license. On Raw, he was seen driving in the arena, which I'm sure was just a wrong turn from an inexperienced driver. It worked out in Show's favor though, as he had the opportunity to advertise for his trucking company for free. Good for Show. I hope this new career is lucrative for him (and I hope he doesn't blow all of his money on bad investments and helping family, only to become a pseudo-evil servant of his boss until he can't take it anymore).

8. Brie Bella. When Total Divas returns! you'll all be lucky if she isn't permanently on this list. This week, she made the list via her babyface working ability and the way she can fire up a crowd. Brie isn't quite as over as I'd like her to be (she should be the most over performer on the show), but she is getting there. A Divas Championship win and ditching the weird dance moves would help her. Also, the announcers calling her babyface comeback "Brie Mode" and somehow implying she is drunk in the ring would make me chuckle (and therefore be awesome).

9. Chris Sabin. The man who could be called "Mr. Ultimate X" won the lamest Ultimate X match in history on Sunday night, and with said win, also won the X Division Championship. His heel act is starting to work, at least in the ring. His relationship with Velvet Sky could be quite compelling, especially if TNA finds a way to quit relying on her as one of two babyface Knockouts.

10. Abeyance. With the guarantee from Shawn Michaels that a new WWE Champion will be crowned, abeyance seems to be losing ground with this title reign. It will take a miracle for this plucky noun to break through the Hell in a Cell structure and remain champion. Could an alliance with Big Show be abeyance's only hope?

Just missing the cut: Bray Wyatt and Family (not Bo Dallas and IRS), Cody Rhodes, Goldust, most of The Shield, The Uso's, C.M. Punk, Stephanie McMahon, and El Torito.

Nowhere near this list: Dolph Ziggler, TNA Creative, stories from 2011, Jeff Hardy, James Storm, contract signings, Sting, Magnus, Los Matadores, Ryback, Paul Heyman, Curtis Axel, Kofi Kingston, and B-Boy.

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