Pruett's Pause: TNA Impact Wrestling - Suicide isn't painless or logical as Austin Aries is revealed, more Bound for Glory Series matches, Samoa Joe is added to the Mafia, and more!

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Jun 28, 2013 - 05:00 PM

By Will Pruett

This was not a good episode of TNA Impact Wrestling. In fact, one might look at this show and say it was bad. I know I would. This episode featured the continued illogical reveal of the Main Event Mafia members, an insensitive segment showing wrestling to be very homophobic and chauvinistic, and a saga revolving around one character with a high insensitive name. Let's focus on the last one.

Suicide won the X Division Championship and was subsequently unmasked and proved to be Austin Aries, who will (apparently) be using Option C once again to face Bully Ray for the X Division Championship at Destination X. This replaces the story of Chris Sabin (who was endorsed by Hulk Hogan at Slammiversary) coming back and winning the X Division Championship and attempting to capture the TNA Championship.

There are so many reasons why Sabin was the better choice. For one, Sabin is a classic protagonist. He has a sympathetic story fans were starting to believe in. Sabin was a wrestler we could all get behind. Telling the story of him stepping up to the larger, dominating Bully Ray and getting close to a win would be terrific. TNA could have a moment akin to Jeff Hardy and The Undertaker in their 2002 Ladder Match.

Instead, we are going to get Austin Aries, who is a heel, and therefore a difficult protagonist to get behind. Aries won the title by cheating, so we probably shouldn't cheer for him. He is going against TNA's super evil lead heel. Who are fans supposed to believe in? Who is the protagonist in this story? Could it be Hulk Hogan is the ultimate good guy in TNA yet again?

Another major issue with the story is Aries being the champion in the first place. If the Green Bay Packers made it to the Super Bowl, but were jumped by the Detroit Lions the night before the game, could the Lions dress up as the Packers, win the game, and be declared Super Bowl Champions? This probably shouldn't happen in wrestling.

TNA created a pretty bad episode of TV here. I hope their Las Vegas tapings are better.

- The Main Event Mafia used to be bad, but now they aren't. This is how I summarize the opening promo. There was no explanation as to why Kurt Angle didn't help Sting at Slammiversary. There was no attempt at making the Main Event Mafia angle make sense. This is frustrating for any viewer.

- TNA's Gut Check hype videos make me dislike most of the wrestlers featured.

- Suicide's X Division Championship win was awkward for a number of reasons. The match didn't really impress me either. Sabin and Kenny King were just kind of there as the two other wrestlers in the match. Character development in the X Division is weak anyways, but this was ridiculous.

- It was nice to see T.J. Perkins on TNA television. I hope he ditches the mask and gets to show how truly talented he is in the future.

- Ryan Howe's ring entrance was one of the most obnoxious things on wrestling TV this year.

- Gut Check matches tend to make me zone out. Adam Ohriner is apparently well known, but nothing here made him look great. I hope neither guy gets the developmental contract.

- How does TNA not present better indie talent in the Gut Check segments?

- Bully Ray's bullying of T.J. Perkins and Chris Sabin on this show was pretty great.

- Why is Mickie James still dressing like a farmer? Her "Hardcore Country" character was fine, but she has changed now. Her music and wardrobe no longer match who she is portraying. It would help her to change with her character.

- Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James was a clunky match. We've seen both ladies have better, so this was odd.

- A top babyface probably shouldn't cry after a losing a match. I would be willing to call this portrayal of Velvet Sky quite sexist. I will do so until Kurt Angle, as TNA's lead babyface, loses a match and weeps to Christy Hemme.

- Magnus vs. Bobby Roode was a decent match, but it should have meant more. It's hard to buy into the Bound for Glory Series matches being so short. These main event wrestlers should take longer to beat.

- Chavo couldn't have been Suicide. If he were, Suicide would have been doing a bad Eddie Guerrero impression.

- The segment with James Storm, Gunner, Jessie, Tara, and Robbie E. was awkward. It was also inherently sexist and homophobic. I'm pretty sure I would be embarrassed if any friends of mine saw this and thought I actually liked it.

- Samoa Joe's addition to the MEM suffers the same way Angle's does. Both men has matches at Slammiversary. Both men did not save Sting. This really needs to be explained.

- Austin Aries challenging Bully Ray does nothing for me. I am worried about what TNA will do next.

This was one of the worst wrestling television shows I've seen in a long time. TNA needs to recover quickly with their next tapings. This episode was bad enough to make me honestly want to avoid TNA for weeks.

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