Pruett's Pause: TNA Impact Wrestling - Kazarian and Christopher Daniels recapture the Tag Championships, A.J. Styles may or may not have gotten a drug addict pregnant, a tournament begins for the X Division Championship

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Jun 29, 2012 - 12:10 PM

By Will Pruett

- The "Previously on Impact Wrestling" opening of each show has grown on me significantly. It's something uniquely TNA and I really appreciate it. It recaps shows without requiring a unique video package every month. TNA's production department is doing great work with these.

- I'm to the point where I just fast forward through Ken Anderson's entrance routine. It makes me like him a little bit more.

- Rob Van Dam put Anderson in some very unique submission holds. I enjoy that version of Van Dam's in-ring style far more than his slow motion flips. I still say that Van Dam could play a heck of a heel at this stage in his career.

- I would like to see a review of the Bound for Glory Series standings prior to the first Bound for Glory Series match of every night. If it is the opening match, cut away from entrances to show it. It would clarify where each man stands and assist the announcers in telling that story.

- I'm glad TNA decided to up the Bound for Glory Series matches to fifteen minutes. Ten minutes was just a little too short for matches that will be relied upon heavily to fill semi-main event slots on pay-per-view.

- So instead of a tournament ending with an X Division wrestler getting a contract, we as getting one with an X Division wrestler getting the title. I'm fine with this move, but I hope it won't be necessary to bring in outside stars every year to complete the division.

- Austin Aries comes off like a main event star on the mic. He was great when he came into TNA, but he has definitely grown since then. Aries is blossoming nicely as a World Championship competitor.

- Bobby Roode never seems like more of a World Champion than when he is in a verbal exchange with someone that can hold their own against him. Aires an Roode have a nice, easy chemistry together. I actually find myself hoping TNA will go with this matchup for two pay-per-views, and not just one.

- I'm glad TNA realized that Kazarian shouldn't be with Christopher Daniels because their partnership was based on the A.J. Styles information. That was a bright spot of continuity amidst the rest of this interesting storyline.

- The videos throughout the night of Claire discussing her relationship with A.J. Styles and Dixie Carter, along with her addiction issues felt like TNA reaching to repair this story. It wasn't a bad choice to reach to repair it, but the story is so odd that it still feels unbelievable.

- From the moment he walked through the curtain to the moment he went to the back, Sonjay Dutt exuded star quality. This is something we have never seen from him in TNA, but it is there now. Dutt looked comfortable, poised, and collected.

- Without Rubix (who wrestles on the independent scene as Jigsaw), Dutt would not have looked anywhere near as good. This match would have made someone flipping channels (which no one does anymore, but still) stop and take notice. The athleticism shown here was fantastic.

- Was it a little bit of sexism when Al Snow wondered if Taeler Hendrix would get a big head? I feel like this is more of a stereotype about women in wrestling than men. Maybe I read a little too much into it.

- If you were wondering how long it would take TNA to forget about Devon defending the TV Championship every week, let's go with two and a half months. I'm sad about the TV Championship concept being done away with, but I'm glad I'm not sitting through a weekly Devon match. Hopefully they get back to it with another champion.

- Samoa Joe and Bully Ray had a nice, physical, power matchup. I enjoyed this match quite a bit. Joe seems more motivated than he has in a long time. I sincerely hope that the plan is not to have him fall all the way down the leaderboard in the Bound for Glory Series. He deserves to be in the Final Four.

- Joseph Park challenging Bully Ray to a fight on TV makes sense, as far as drawing ratings. I don't know that it works in the context of Park's character. His sudden bravery was interesting, but a little too much, too quickly.

- The phone call was about a surprise party! I'm glad Dixie Carter couldn't have explained to her husband that the phone call she was having a meltdown over and her husband hit a man over was about a surprise party that already happened. If that sentence didn't make sense, blame TNA.

- Well at least we can be mildly sure that Madison Rayne's crush isn't on Garett Bischoff. I'm not convinced it is on Eric Bischoff.

- Brooke Hogan, Miss Tessmacher, and Gail Kim put on quite the poor acting display. They almost topped Claire the pregnant drug addict and Beth Phoenix (who would probably cause my TV to explode if they were to appear together).

- Rashad Cameron and Mason Andrews (Scorpio Sky) had another good qualifying match for Destination X. These matches really excite the crowd, which should be reason enough to push the X Division. A hot crowd can make a wrestling show and this crowd was totally into this match.

- Rashad Cameron could be a fun lead heel in the X Division. He doesn't seem to have the appeal of Austin Aries, but he does seem to be able to draw heat. His post-match promo was very fun.

- James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy is a huge match for next week and I'm already looking forward to it. This show did a nice job of pushing next week, along with two weeks from now, in an organic way.

- Joey Ryan's run in during Gut Check (this was a PWG flavored show with Sky and Ryan!) was a nice little bit of continuity. I didn't love the segment, but this wasn't a bad way to continue Ryan's story.

- I appreciated the attempted shakeup in the Gut Check segment with Al Snow voting no for Taeler Hendrix. He isn't the Paula Abdul after all.

- Does Hendrix now become the spunky babyface of the Knockout's Division? Don't they already have one of those in Miss Tessmacher (and a second one in Velvet Sky)? Character-wise, I don't see what she brings to the division.

- A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle vs. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels was more story than quality match, but it wasn't a bad story until the end. They had a decent match with just enough exciting action to satisfy in the main event slot.

- Why would Dixie Carter, the top authority in TNA, not reverse the decision in the TNA Tag Team Championship match? She was at ringside and she saw everything that happened.

- So, Daniels, who has no credibility at this point (storyline-wise) says that Styles in the father of Claire's child. Why did people seem to believe him (including Claire, who couldn't stop smiling for some reason)?

Much like last week, this was a good show with an odd show-closing angle. They are going forward with the pregnant drug addict story and they are really reaching at this point. That is the central focus of TNA at the moment. I'm happy to see the Tag Team Championships mixed onto a major story, but I'm not happy to see them put behind who did (or didn't) knock up a crack addict.

This show had a lot of great in-ring action. The two Destination X qualifiers delivered a unique style that isn't seen anywhere near as much as it should be on the national wrestling scene. The Bound for Glory Series matches delivered well for what they were. This was a nice, ring-work heavy, edition of Impact.

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