Pruett's Pause: TNA Impact Wrestling - Build to Full Metal Mayhem, Bully Ray confronts Brooke Hogan, Hulk Hogan calls out A.J. Styles, 1,001 replays of Bully's turn, and more!

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Apr 5, 2013 - 02:07 PM

By Will Pruett

- It seemed like every segment on this show began with a replay of Bully Ray's heel turn. How did that happen? I know TNA is proud of it, but this is overkill. It was a pretty good turn and it is the foundation of their main story right now. It just doesn't need to be shown five times in one episode.

- Aces and Eights has a few good promo guys in its roster (aside from Bully Ray, who is great). Mr. Anderson and Taz can both cut a decent promo. D'Lo Brown and Devon aren't that great. Why are they holding down the bulk of the big group promos?

- D'Lo being fired by TNA was a nice little touch of continuity, although it happening a month after his turn makes me wonder how slow things move in TNA's HR office.

- Kurt Angle interruption of the opening segment worked for me, but the actual execution, especially with the babyfaces running out, left something to be desired. Maybe it was the babyface team. Eric Young and Joseph Park don't exactly make a formidable team. They're both comedy characters and two on one team is a little much.

- I got a kick out of Joey Ryan as the Knockout's referee. I don't understand the need for a Knockout's referee or why that has become the focal point of the division, but Joey Ryan was funny.

- I'm digging the Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim feud this far. This week was a nice way to have it forwarded, but still keep them out of singles action.

- The Tag Team Championship contact signing was a pretty fun segment. I got a kick out of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries adding odd stipulations and their response to the two out of three falls addition was great.

- Why was Hernandez not in a suit? Did he not get the memo that he wouldn't be wrestling. He really stood out given the rest of the men were in pants. Where did Hernandez's pants go? I'm going to need seven-ten video packages about this mystery.

- Adam Pearce was as impressive and he could be in his promo video. I really enjoyed it and thought he brought his A-game.

- Does anyone else think that Magno looks too much like Mango? I keep calling him Mango. Also, how does one blow up like he did in a five minute match?

- Pearce winning via underhanded tactics should make for an interesting Gut Check segment next week. Hopefully TNA realizes what he could be and gives him the chance to be in the company.

- Why is a leather vest called a cut? Is this a way to make it seem tougher?

- Hulk Hogan, James Storm, and A.J. Styles all participated in an odd rambling segment. I know what the point was, but most of what happened here actually happened last week as well. Last week was more compelling. This was a holding pattern segment to get Hogan on the show and set up next week.

- If Hogan is firing Styles if he doesn't pick a side, can he fire the Aces and Eights wrestlers as well? I'm confused.

- Do you like flips? The new X Division rules are for you. They promise a spotfest on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I like the added athleticism, but I don't love the way the matches have devolved to parodies of the X Division.

- It was great to see Petey Williams back in a TNA ring. I hope this is a long-term idea and he will be a cornerstone of a rebuilt X Division.

- Why was no one chanting "Harold" at Mason Andrews? Get on it, TNA fans.

- I expected a slightly longer match from the ten man tag. Those can usually eat up a lot of time and stay entertaining.

- This match was pretty nondescript. The babyfaces sold. The heels cheated. The heels won. Paint by numbers. It worked for what it was.

- Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan entertained me in the final segment. Brooke has done a really nice job since the Bully Ray drama has begun. Bully is the rock of this story.

- Brooke sitting front row next week just screams for a heel turn. I know it's an easy prediction to make, but it would be the right way to go with this story. Brooke turning on Hulk is the most logical choice right now. It would be pretty entertaining as well.

This was a show all about next week's show. It's hard to judge it as good or bad. It had as many video packages as a pre-WrestleMania Raw. It got repetitive. I had entertaining segments, but most were focused on next week. It was a show about the next show. There's nothing wrong with it, but it isn't the most entertaining thing this week. The payoff next week should be worth it.

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