Pruett's Pause: TNA Genesis - Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode highlight an otherwise uneventful show, Christopher Daniels wins a title shot, Sting continues to defeat everyone

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Jan 14, 2013 - 03:02 PM

By Will Pruett

- Taz was a pretty huge jerk to Todd Keneley on this show. This has to be some sort of hazing, but it really hurts the overall show. Is it too much to ask for professionalism from wrestling commentary?

- The tag team match was fairly odd with Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan making frequent tags and Hernandez doing a ton of selling, which isn't his standard role. The match was hurt by a very slow middle sequence.

- Hernandez tried to kill Joey Ryan at the end of this match. Why is he still in TNA when all he seems to do is hurt his opponents?

- Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson was pretty standard. Anderson seems reenergized at the moment and his in-ring work with Joe was good. Samoa Joe went with the standard Joe offense, which is always entertaining.

- TNA introduced Mike Knox as Mike Knox, but they can't use that name. Now, he is just a "big, bad, Aces and Eights member" without a name. This hurts Aces and Eights and Knox himself as TNA attempts to get both over.

- Kenny King was the star of the X Division situation on this show. While he lost the tournament finals, he gained a lot with his performance on this night. I would have rather seen him win the title, because I think there's a better story to tell there (and Rob Van Dam matches are boring).

- Rob Van Dam seemed pretty chill with facing Christian York after York was attacked. I'm pretty sure the honorable thing to do would have been to postpone the match. Van Dam, while not meaning to, looks like a jerk for going through with it.

- Christian York seemed fairly gassed by the end of his two matches.

- Joseph Park continues to overachieve as a character. In both his backstage interview and his match with Devon he was immensely entertaining. Park has lasted longer than I ever thought he would in this role. He has also been better than I thought he would be.

- You know what makes Aces and Eights look tough? Nothing. This group looks ridiculous every time a member wins in a flukey way. They aren't getting heel heat. They're just occasionally lucky.

- What is the point of Taryn Terrell? I originally thought she was going to expand in her role as a referee and a story would be told with her. Now, I'm sure she's just there for a little extra T and A. She was a pretty awful referee on this night.

- Gail Kim did all of the heavy lifting in the Knockout's gauntlet match. She is perfectly acceptable in that role.

- Velvet Sky's bodysuit is one of the weirdest wardrobe choices in TNA. It's almost on the Mickie James level of weirdness. Velvet Sky's wrestling is not great enough to justify how odd her outfit is, either.

- I loved the "Managers License" angle with Kazarian on this show. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels continue to entertain with some old school wrestling antics. Most of what they do has been done before, but they are reinventing the classics for a new generation of fans. Kudos to those guys for keeping it fun.

- James Storm vs. Christopher Daniels was a good match. Daniels continues to entertain. Storm continues to be stuck in the upper-mid-card just waiting for a big push. As a character, James Storm is compelling, but he hasn't been involved in compelling stories since July.

- Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan have invited everyone to their wedding. I wasn't planning on getting an invite, but since they did invite me, I guess I'll attend via television. Is there a certain gift etiquette when attending a wedding via TV?

- Sting looked pretty old in the ring with Doc. The t-shirt doesn't help his cause at all. If Sting isn't in wrestling shape, why isn't he used in more of a non-wrestling role? Does staying active in the ring the way he is hurt Sting's legacy as a wrestler? TNA had the perfect endgame for his retirement with the Hall of Fame induction.

- Doc is trying hard with this character, but it's hard to make something so ill-defined work. Hopefully he will come through the Aces and Eights story without being hurt by it.

- Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode was a great main event. The match was really exciting. It told a great story. It was fun to watch. It was even unpredictable at times. It wasn't just the highlight of the show, but it was the only part of the show worth seeking out.

- Roode and Aries seemed like a major heel threat when their powers were combined. I would have loved to have seen them conspiring to team together on Impact leading into this main event. It would have put the title and Jeff Hardy in jeopardy, which was missing in the build to the match.

This show was really the last of TNA's monthly pay-per-views, not the first of their quarterly pay-per-views. It was just about what I expect from TNA's monthly shows. It had one standout match, in the main event, but aside from that, the show was skippable.

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