01/13 Pruett's Weekly Power Rankings: Will Pruett uses his biased eye and tremendous discernment to break down the top ten wrestlers in WWE, TNA, ROH, PWG... hell, the entire industry

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Jan 13, 2014 - 12:00 PM

By Will Pruett

These rankings are scientifically calculated by the Rank-o-matic 4000 and verified by four out of five top scientists in the wrestling arts. They are to be taken solemnly and with absolute seriousness.

1. Brock Lesnar. Do I want to see him in a match with Big Show? Not really. Do I want to see him continuously beating up Mark Henry. Yes. Yes I do. Henry getting Bork Lasered by Brock is always fantastic. I could watch him get his limbs broken over and over. Keep screaming like a pterodactyl, Brock.

2. Jake "The Snake" Roberts. The end of Raw was a delightful surprise for longtime wrestling fans. Seeing Jake Roberts on WWE TV looking better than he has in over ten years was awesome. Seeing him get warmed about WWE being a PG show as he tried to kiss the snake was even better. Jake's turnaround has been awesome.

3. A.J. Styles. Over the course of Impact, Styles was made to look like the biggest star and the toughest wrestler in TNA. He almost won a championship match where he was outnumbered by 15. It's a good thing the new biggest star in TNA is sticking around for months and years to come. It would be silly to push a guy so hard, only to have him depart from the organization.

4. Ethan Carter III. This character is one of the best things going in TNA right now. Carter has the look and the presence of a star. He has been pushed like a star. He is getting over like a star. Many people are quick to criticize the new creative regime in TNA, but the deserve some credit. They took Derrick Bateman, repackaged him, and made him meaningful.

5. Magnus. He may have needed the assistance of around 32 people, but Magnus managed to become the undisputed TNA Champion. This is a big deal for him. He has the chance to come into his own as a character as the crown jewel of Dixie Carter's regime. Many people were down on Impact's main event, but it made perfect sense, from a story standpoint and was entertaining.

6. The New Age Outlaws. As backstage agents and members of the "Friends of Triple H" club since 1997, the Outlaws are in a pretty good position in WWE. They were able to leverage this position and friendship into being in the main events on both Raw and Smackdown. Billy Gunn almost didn't make it through the entrance where he literally says nothing without blowing up, but they actually impressed me. It's always fun to shout a catchphrase from my childhood.

7. C.M. Punk. What is a wrestler supposed to do when placed in a major match on live TV with an inexperienced wrestler across the ring from them? They are supposed to lead them to the best match possible. I believe Punk did this on Monday night. He looked like a true pro. As a bonus, he also got to warn Jake Roberts about it being PG now.

8. Roman Reigns. Beating C.M. Punk in a singles match on Raw is a big deal. Reigns got to do this in the main event. He was also placed in a match far too long for him to shine in. Reigns looked out of place and slightly confused at points in his long match with Punk. He also relied on a headlock for far too long. Reigns will be a major star one day, but right now he needs some more time chillin' in The Shield.

9. Ric Flair. Not only did he anger his hometown fans (A.K.A. the people willing to pay his bar tab), anger me (by motivating the 49ers to beat the Packers), and appear on Old School Raw (to be verbally praised by John Cena for the 1,000,000th time), but he also has a warrant out for his arrest. Flair has some serious life issues and is probably a bad person. Can we all stop pretending he is a hero, now?

10. Daniel Wyatt. Somehow, the former Daniel Bryan went from a World Championship competitor to a janitor this week. Daniel Wyatt is not the twist I saw things taking and the followup to the electric ending of Raw last week was disappointing at best. I am curious to see if this can be good, but WWE didn't leave me feeling optimistic this week.

Just missing the cut: John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, The Real Americans, Dixie Carter, Rockstar Spud, Paul Heyman, The Shield, Roddy Piper, Big E Langston, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Bob Backlund, and old school themed wrestling shows.

Nowhere near this list: James Storm, Gunner, TNA Referees, Ryback (and his crazy Twitter), Curtis Axel, Bad Influence, The Bro-Mans, Chris Sabin, Austin Aries, New Sin Cara, Old Sin Cara, Alberto Del Rio, Too Cool, Eric Young, and B-Boy.

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