Pruett's Blog: Screw it! Make Triple H the WWE Unified Champion and run with it!

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Dec 5, 2013 - 02:00 PM

By Will Pruett

Ever since The Authority used the word "Guarantee" when discussing one champion walking out of TLC, a popular theory has sprung up around the internet-o-sphere. When I say popular, I mean widely mentioned, not widely liked. People hate this theory. People believe it would be the worst thing for wrestling right now. Heck, I know many would actually finally tune out if it happened. The theory is that Triple H will randomly become inspired to climb the (likely very tall) ladder at TLC and pull down both World Championship belts to make himself Unified Champion. This theory is the best idea WWE has right now.

I know you are all about to start an online petition to remove any internet wrestling fan street cred I may have left, but hear me out. Triple H is already the top star in WWE. Being an authority figure, in basically every way, is akin to being the World Champion these days. If the show is going to be built around Triple H anyways, why not make him the true central focus?

Triple H is more than a capable wrestler. He is still able to do some amazing things in the WWE ring. He is also one of the most hatable characters in wrestling today. Deciding to climb the ladder and crown himself would make him even less likable. He could justify it by saying he wanted the job done right, so he did it himself. He could embark on a run of narcissism through the Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, and he could finally be unseated at WrestleMania.

This win would be all about building up for WrestleMania. Triple H finally going mad with power and making himself, not just the person in charge, but the top superstar in the company would drive people insane. They would crave the emergence of a star to dethrone Triple H. It would be fairly awesome heel heat.

Many wrestlers could step up and be the one to dethrone Triple H. John Cena would be the most obvious choice, especially if this star is to be sponsored by Vince McMahon (who feels his son-in-law has run-amok). Most fans of the online/insider/meta variety would want this star to be Daniel Bryan, who could finally get his vengeance on Triple H and his WWE Championship reign all in one glorious swoop (and a Royal Rumble win as a bonus). These are just two options, but almost any wrestler could do it and get a major push out of it.

Do I expect Triple H to inexplicably win at TLC? Not really. I expect John Cena to get a major double title belt celebration. Do I want Triple H to inexplicably win at TLC? Yes. He's already the most pushed wrestler in WWE. He's already the biggest heel in the company. He's already the modern equivalent of a world champion. Just give him the belts and let him run.

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