Diva on Divas Week 7: Dot Net's resident diva on Total Divas - Nikki Bella gets injured, Brie Bella gets concerned, Eva Marie gets Maxim-ed, Jojo gets off key, and other things!

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Sep 13, 2013 - 06:18 PM

By Will Pruett

It is an amazing feeling to come home from vacation to a wonderful episode of this wonderful show on the DVR. This piece is quite late. I doubt you care though. Just read it. Please? Don't yell.

Competition is healthy and we all kind of have a sense of it. I know when I see something good happening for a friend or colleague of mine, I'm happy for them, but also motivated to make something happen for myself. These are natural feelings, as long as they don't develop into jealousy. These are the feelings Eva Marie and Jojo had to deal with this week.

You see, Eva Marie has been asked by Maxim to come and do a shoot for them. This was not precipitated by a single photo shoot or moment of aspiration. Eva just suddenly got a phone call and had her "life long dream" dropped into her lap. What kind of dream is posing in Maxim anyways? I don't think most women dream of being objectified by men. I'm sure it's a cool magazine to pose for and all, but I don't think it qualifies as a dream.

Anyways, this made Jojo a little sad. She sees herself as an equal to Eva Marie and suddenly saw Eva shoot ahead of her in stature and accomplishment. Jojo's reaction was one no one could have seen coming. She decided to sing and sing her heart out. Instead of singing alone, she enlisted the help of the Funkadactyls to record a version of their theme. This went well in the recording studio, but not so well when it was time to sing live. Oh well, sometimes one cannot have it all.

It looks like this is just the beginning of Eva and Jojo breaking up, if the commercial for next week is to believed. This might be good for both women, since their apartment is pretty poorly decorated. I would hope they could make a couple friends with better taste and surround themselves with a nicer environment.

Natalya seemed particularly upset about Jojo's singing aspirations. Apparently Natalya would like these girls to focus on wrestling instead of singing. What was odd was her excitement for Eva's Maxim shoot. Shouldn't wrestling take priority over that as well? What about the wrestling training, by the way? Is Jojo still concussed? Can Eva run the ropes better than Kelly Kelly did? Will they ever actually have to wrestle?

Picking up the pieces:

- The other central story of this show was Nikki Bella getting injured. Like most issues with the Bella's, this injury also dates back to their childhood. Nikki has had a hurt shin for years and waited until she got put on a reality show to get it fixed. This was some wise planning.

- There has been a serious lack of Brie Bella on this show lately. She played Nikki's sidekick here, but didn't do much else. Why is there no vegan/healthy cooking portion of this show with Danielson and Brie?

- Natalya was back to being the tour guide on this episode with nary a mention of her upcoming nuptials. What about that guy from the tanning salon? Will there be a sudden swerve where she marries him instead?

- This episode saw the apparent departure of Vinny, who became the second man and third person on this show to want to marry a person who wasn't into it. Poor Vinny. Maybe if he had acted older than twelve, not seemed oddly abusive, and stayed sober in tactful social situations, I would feel bad for him.

- Now, when we look at Ariane, it is only her own immaturity we get to judge.

- Who takes their dog to a nail salon? Not okay, Ariane. Not okay.

- Did Nikki's injury keep her and John Cena from a super-flexible love-making session?

- One does have to feel bad for Nikki Bella getting hurt and sent home though. I know she hasn't missed a lot of time, but it is depressing.

Next week on Diva on Divas: TJ and Natty ask the classic reality TV question of if this wedding should even happen, an ambulance shows up and takes away a Funkadactyl, and Nikki starts rehabbing (her injury, not her love of wine).

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