Diva on Divas Season 2 Week 2: Dot Net's resident diva on Total Divas - Summer Rae becomes the bad girl, Eva Marie uses nude photos to turn babyface, Nikki and John's moment on the pier, and more!

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Mar 27, 2014 - 02:22 PM

By Will Pruett

Last week left us all out waiting on the pier for answers, but you'll have to wait a little longer for the fate of John Cena and Nikki Bella from me. Some more important things happened.

The art of creating a heel in professional wrestling is a difficult one. Try to hard, and the audience rejects the menacing baddie. Decide to do nothing at all and personalities may shine through, but they won't exactly be as easy to hate as one would like. The same goes for making a babyface and assuring likability. On this show, we were given our new Total Divas heel and babyface. They happen to travel together.

It began with Summer Rae interrupting the sacred Total Divas tradition of brunch. Apparently Eva Marie, her traveling partner was late for a photo shoot. Summer probably would have been as well had she been invited to this brunch, but apparently this artificially assembled group of friends cannot accept another party being added to it, especially not a blonde one.

Summer, over this week and last, has been made out to be a major threat to Nattie, who seemed so nice last season. I think we are supposed to dislike Summer, who in advertising has been made out to be an oddly promiscuous woman. In the rivalry with Nattie, Summer seems like the level headed one while Nattie seems like someone overreacting to having her hair-color type replaced. I wonder if she had the same issue when Rosa Mendes dyed her hair blonde.

On the babyface side, Eva Marie built up some sympathy for herself with a nude photo scandal. This sounds a little illogical at first, so I'll explain. Eva, many years ago, apparently had a drinking problem. This problem lead her to a pretty dark place. In this aforementioned dark place, she did some pornographic photo posing. Ariane found these photos and proceeded to spread them to everyone except Eva.

This is not okay on a number of levels. I'm not going to condone taking nude photos, but this is a personal choice. If Eva did this, she has the right to not have it spread all over the locker room. Of course, she doesn't hear about it until after everyone has seen them. Ariane doesn't go to Eva and ask about them. She just tells everyone else. This was an odd form of slut shaming on display in the WWE locker room. Hopefully they don't continue with this trend.

When Summer Rae eventually tells Eva Marie about these pictures, Eva is crushed. She sees a past life come back to haunt her. Suddenly, "The Cardboard Diva" shows some sadness, and through it, some personality. This is all I wanted to see from Eva. She actually seemed like a sympathetic figure. I'm okay with her being a babyface on Total Divas at this point.

Crafting personalities on reality TV shows isn't all that different than crafting them in wrestling. Crafting them in the mashup of the two genres is tricky, but when it works, it is quite fun.

Picking up the pieces:

- John Cena should win some sort of achievement in singleness award for his ability to avoid marriage. I've never seen anyone manage to string a woman along towards marriage the way Cena has Nikki Bella.

- Nikki Bella accepted John Cena's proclamation of love and possibility of maybe kinda' possibly considering the idea of marriage in the future if it feels right for him. Nikki Bella didn't really stick to her guns here. I would have liked to see her fight a little harder for the reason she broke up with Cena.

- Wasn't it weird for the show to basically promise a proposal, then disappoint?

- John Cena's tour bus is pretty nice. The mirror on the ceiling frightens me. Nikki is into some weird stuff y'all.

- After hearing Daniel Bryan discuss how much he would love to be a "bus guy" on Steve Austin's podcast, I was happy to see the reality show get him a bus for this multi-city run. He's probably back in the tiny rental cars at this point, but at least he was able to live the bus lifestyle for a little while.

- Eva Marie is a total story topper. Not cool, Eva.

- Nikki's reaction to having her tooth knocked out was one of the weirdest I've ever seen. She refused to be seen by her fellow-wrestler boyfriend, who probably saw the match, because she was missing a tooth. It wasn't even a front tooth. It didn't show when she smiled. She wants to marry a guy she is afraid would leave her because she is missing a tooth. Someone explain this to me.

- Daniel Bryan's bus rules were hilarious. I'm all about having an erection-free bus, especially when there were three or four couples on the bus with only bunk beds for most of them. Bunk beds are a challenge.

- Nattie is a great wrestler, but an awful personality and an even worse lap dancer.

- Trinity speaks the truth. I like Trinity.

- I don't blame Eva Marie for not accepting Ariane's apology. What Ariane did was pretty childish.

The season is in motion and Total Divas returned to form pretty quickly. Sure, there are some over-dramatic moments, but there always will be. The reality within the silliness is always very fun to watch.

Next week on Diva on Divas: Summer Rae tries to murder the relationship of Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan... so obviously she is the worst person ever.

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