Powell's Blog: Triple H's Metallica entrance theme, Rey Mysterio's WrestleMania 27 costume, Wade Barrett, a hot ending to TNA Impact (almost), Winter, Mr. Anderson, Road Warrior Animal, Court Bauer, Seth Mates

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Apr 1, 2011 - 06:20 PM

Friday, April 1 – 6:20 P.M. (CT)

-Metal icons Metallica have announced that Triple H will be making his entrance to one of their songs at WrestleMania 27. Given that he's facing Undertaker, my song selection goes to "For Whom the Bell Tolls." Plus, it's a hell of a song and would make for a great entrance song. WWE must be excited about this one, as the rights fees for Metallica music isn't cheap, which explains why they never bought the rights for The Sandman to use during his WWE run.

-It wasn't a great year for new comic book movies, so I'm curious to see what Rey Mysterio comes up with for WrestleMania 27. My personal favorite comic book hero to hit the big screen in 2010 was Hit Girl of "Kick Ass" fame, but something tells me Rey won't be wearing her outfit. Granted, he doesn't always go with a comic book theme, so I'm sure he'll come up with something. Maybe he'll be a step ahead and go with a Captain America theme. I wonder if he's stumped now that Okato is a fixture on Impact? Yeah, I don't think so either. I just hope he gives the mask a good test drive, as he spent the majority of one WrestleMania match with Eddie Guerrero trying to keep the mask on straight.

-I remain stunned that Wade Barrett went from leading the hottest heel faction to hit WWE in years throughout the summer months to working a meaningless eight-man tag match at WrestleMania 27. Granted, he is the new Intercontinental Champion and his stable mates hold the tag titles, but one of the goals of Smackdown lead writer Michael Hayes should be to get more out of Barrett after WrestleMania. The guy was the primary reason the Nexus angle got over, and he belongs in the main event mix.

-TNA had a hot ending to last night's Impact with the returning Christopher Daniels diving off the top of the cage onto three Immortal members. The only problem was that it wasn't the ending to the show. Rather, they went to commercial and came back with a series of choppy backstage promos that ended the show on a flat note.

-So Angelina Love is apparently being drugged by Winter. It beats the hell out Winter hypnotizing her with Papa Shango voodoo, but it's still the campiest story in wrestling. Hey, maybe Winter is to blame for Jeff Hardy's antics at the Victory Road pay-per-view. Yeah, that's it.

-Mr. Anderson had a good night. I go back and forth on his character. I wanted to turn the television off last week when he was doing a Stone Cold-like skit at the beginning of the show, but he can be the most compelling character in the company when he stays true to his own persona. However, what the hell was the broken down Hulkster doing kicking his ass in such a cartoonish way at ringside? Why in the world would the heel Hulk Hogan beat up tweener Anderson in a babyface-like manner?

-Here's hoping Rocco makes an appearance during the Road Warriors induction at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony...only to have Animal rip the doll's head off and smash it to bits.

-A very special thanks to former WWE creative team member Court Bauer for taking time out of his vacation today to join me for Dot Net Member exclusive audio. I'm also looking forward to teaming up with Seth Mates for WrestleMania 27 audio after the show on Sunday night. You can listen to all Dot Net Audio and have ad-free access for WrestleMania 27 by signing up now via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

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