Powell's Blog: Mick Foley to follow in Chyna's footsteps - the real reason he and the greatest writer in pro wrestling history are leaving the TNA Impact Wrestling Matters But Not Really promotion

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Jun 6, 2011 - 12:00 PM

By Jason Powell

Monday, June 6 – 12:00 P.M. (CT)

Mick Foley is making a career move that will bring new meaning to his Hardcore Icon nickname. Dot Net can now confirm that Foley is following in Chyna's footsteps by making the jump from TNA to adult movies. Vivid Entertainment is expected to leak the news to TMZ any day now that Foley will star in the film "Backdoor to Mr. Socko."

"It gives me motivation again," Foley told a mutual friend. "I want to be better and happier than ever... that's the point, right?" The same source reports that when Foley informed TNA officials of his plan, they threatened to never use him again if the video is released.

In an even more shocking twist, Dot Net has learned that TNA lead writer Vince Russo is following his fellow Long Island native into the porn world. Russo wrote the script for "Backdoor to Mr. Socko" and came up with a creative way to make the movie without compromising his religious beliefs.

A well-placed source who has read the script reports that Russo is reaching into the same bag of tricks he has used to become the greatest writer in the history of professional wrestling.

"There's a scene where Mick plays the part of a pizza delivery boy, and he shows up at the usual horny housewife's door," says the source. "Just when you think you know what's going to happen next, Vince delivers his biggest swerve yet. The scantly clad housewife pays Foley for the pizza, Mick gives her the pizza, and then he drives away in his car to end the scene. It's brilliant!"

The source spoke with Russo about the script and recalled him saying, "They'll never see it coming, bro." The source assures us that Russo was referring to his big swerve. "Vince's dream was always to do a pro wrestling show without a wrestling ring, and now he's going to deliver porn films without the sex," confirmed a second source.

Meanwhile, sources inside Vivid Entertainment tell Dot Net that Russo's vision for porn was initially a tough sell, but he eventually won over the company's owner after explaining his vision for a hot new marketing plan. "Sex Matters" is said to be the name of the campaign, and it will feature all the top stars of Vivid explaining what sex means to them.

When asked if the campaign will lead to the return of sex in future movies, a Vivid executive told Dot Net: "It's a marketing campaign with the stars of our company speaking from the heart about what sex means to them. Why in the world would you think that a 'Sex Matters' slogan would lead to more or even any sex in our movies? You stupid marks in the Internet Porn Community just don't get it."

Sources also confirm that Foley and Russo have collaborated on the future porn titles listed below.

- "Hardcore Justice"

- "Bound For Glory"

- "The Hardcore Diaries"

- "Tietam Brown"

- "Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks"

- "Countdown to Lockdown"

- "Foley is Good"

Editor's Update: I've been getting bad cell reception all morning long, and apparently misunderstood what my sources were telling me. After speaking with all of the sources again from my land line, I have learned that none of the information listed above is true. I apologize for the miscommunication.

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