Powell's Blog: Booking The Rock and John Cena at Survivor Series with an NWO twist

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Sep 23, 2011 - 12:45 PM

By Jason Powell

Friday, September 23 – 12:45 P.M. (CT)

We already know that The Rock and John Cena will join forces for a five-on-five Survivor Series elimination tag match. We also know that WWE has been teasing a potential of Kevin Nash leading an NWO or NWO-like faction via their official website. Finally, we know that Nash, The Miz, and R-Truth have all been fired per the storylines.

It appears to this viewer that WWE is creating a new version of the NWO some type of faction featuring the fired wrestlers. To make it easier, let's label this group as the NWO while acknowledging the possibility they could come up with a new faction name. If they are going with the NWO name, then I'd also add Big Show to the mix since he was a member of the faction during its infancy in WCW. That leaves one open spot as far as Survivor Series goes on that side of the ring, and we'll get to that spot later.

Although WWE and Rock have spilled the beans about he and Cena joining forces at Survivor Series online, they have yet to spread the word to the television audience. Thus, once the NWO reveals itself on television, I would play it up as if the group is such a threat that Rock and Cena have agreed to put their differences aside for one night for the good of WWE.

The question is which wrestlers will team with The Rock and John Cena. Granted, the match could be all about those two, as WWE could always put some mid-card talent with them in hopes of giving them some rub or simply to serve as fall guys with the goal of having them lose early to stack the deck in the NWO's favor and create a 5-2 situation. After all, we all know how much WWE loves to make it seem like the odds are against Cena.

If I were booking the match, I'd go against the grain. I'd position this as Rock and Cena co-captaining a WWE Dream Team. The team would consist of Rock, Cena, Triple H, C.M. Punk, and a returning Mick Foley (if he can receive medical clearance) all fighting for the WWE side.

I left the identity of the fifth member of the NWO team open for a reason. In the weeks leading up to Survivor Series, the WWE team could confidently boast that the NWO has nothing compared to the team they've assembled. They could openly mock the idea of it being Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, or Sean Waltman as the NWO members remain mum about the mystery man.

Two or three weeks before Survivor Series, Nash would reveal that the NWO mystery man is actually a member of the WWE Dream Team. Let the infighting and finger pointing on the WWE Dream Team begin.

In the process, a compelling case would be made for why each member of the WWE team would side with the NWO. Is Foley bitter and jealous over The Rock's success? Does Rock despise Cena so much that he set him up or vice versa? Has former Nexus leader Punk been pulling the strings and planning this all along?

Ultimately, I would shock the world by essentially moving John Cena into the same role that Hulk Hogan played when he turned and joined the original NWO. He'd be the last person that the average WWE viewer would suspect, and it would play out on a big stage at Madison Square Garden on a Big Four pay-per-view.

Granted, turning John Cena is a risky move for WWE, but I believe the timing is right. It would set up Cena as the heel heading into WrestleMania 28 for a match in which he'd be booed out of the building during anyway, and the loss of Cena merchandise sales to the kids could potentially be replaced by merchandise sales of NWO along with The Rock and Punk gear to the teens and older fans.

Oddly enough, if Cena turns heel, I predict that many of the same fans that are booing him today would cheer him once he turned heel. It would be a complete role reversal for fans, as the women and kids would boo Cena, and many of the heel loving fans that boo Cena now would support him in this change.

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