WWE Breaking Point Hitlist: C.M. Punk and Undertaker recreate the Montreal screwjob finish, John Cena takes a Mel Gibson-style beating from Randy Orton, yet wins the WWE Championship

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By By Jason Powell
Sep 14, 2009 - 12:31 PM

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WWE Breaking Point Hits

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase defeat Shawn Michaels and Triple H: I was stunned by the outcome of this match. It was a logical move to use DX to elevate the young guys, but there have been so many times when WWE has passed on the opportunity to elevate younger wrestlers that I just assumed it was a foregone conclusion that DX would roll. Of course, DX will get their revenge in Hell in a Cell next month, but here's hoping they followup strong tonight and put over the Cody and Ted win in a major way.

Randy Orton vs. John Cena: They could have called this a "Mel Gibson wet dream" match. I'm actually conflicted on this one. I enjoyed the actual match and the story they told, but they made Orton look like a major league tool for wearing the handcuff key on a chain around his neck. Why in the hell wouldn't he put the key out of Cena's reach and then beat him until he submitted? Plus, Orton tapped in record time. I'm guessing that was by design and they'll play on that tonight. I don't mind the violence, but there's no way anyone could tell me with a straight face that the beatdown was PG programming.

Chris Jericho and Big Show vs. MVP and Mark Henry: A good opening match. Jericho continues to shine in every situation they put him in. Here's hoping they take the belts off JeriShow soon so that Jericho can get back to the singles division where he belongs. Of course, the problem is that he brings so much to Raw and can't be on both shows without the tag titles.

Christian vs. William Regal: Just a quality match. It gets no better than Regal's running knee, which should be put over as a knockout move. Here's hoping we haven't seen the last from these two.

Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz: The live crowd didn't care about the match early, but the wrestlers worked hard and got them into the match. The near falls down the stretch were really strong and had the live crowd popping. Well done. Bonus points for The Miz cutting a promo in French.

WWE Breaking Point Misses

C.M. Punk vs. Undertaker finish: WWE just can't let go of the Montreal incident that occurred in 1997. I feel bad for the Montreal fans who just know that there's a good chance they'll get some variation of the screwjob whenever a wrestling company comes to town. Sure, they chanted "You screwed Bret" at DX, but they also cheered along with the "Suck It" lines and there were way more cheers than boos for DX.

In other words, WWE has to know that the fans will continue to taunt DX, but at this point it seems like it's more in good fun than anything. More importantly, just because the fans are chanting it doesn't mean they are clamoring to see yet another variation of the finish. The only good news here is they kept the belt on Punk. Here's hoping they come up with a way to keep the belt on him at Hell in a Cell. I enjoyed the overall show last night, but this finish left a really bad taste in my mouth. Too bad.

Dolph Ziggler: A major step backward. His new ring gear looked bush league. And what was up with that little ponytail? Worse yet, his boring promo on Pat Patterson went on forever and elicited a loud "Shut the f--- up" chant from the crowd. Sadly, Ziggler didn't stray from the script by firing back line to put the fans in their place. He just ignored them and kept delivering his horrible jokes about Patterson's age. I have no idea who wrote this promo, but I have a hunch they also write Abraham Washington's corny material. By the way, Maria adds something to Dolph's act. They should keep the two of them together because valets are so rare in wrestling that it makes the two of them stand out.

Kane vs. Great Khali: This is about the best you could expect from these two. Kane delivering the stiff cane shots early was great, but it wasn't enough to stop the live crowd from shitting all over the match. WWE has to start listening to their fans. They had no interest in seeing this match, yet I have a bad feeling that it won't stop the company from giving us a rubber match next month.

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