TNA Impact Wrestling Hit List: Magnus beats Jeff Hardy for the TNA Title in a Dixieland match, Bobby Roode beats Kurt Angle in a best of three falls match, Chavo Guerrero gets the bad briefcase, Dixie Carter needs to do the right thing

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Dec 20, 2013 - 03:05 PM

By Jason Powell

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TNA Impact Wrestling Hits

Magnus vs. Jeff Hardy in a Dixieland match: The hard work of the wrestlers won out over the silliness of the Dixieland match concept and the usual overbooked nonsense. Creative went through so much work to make viewers think that Jeff Hardy was turning and I really doubt that more than two percent of the audience thought that was happening. I also didn't understand why EC3 would attack Magnus if he was the chosen one. Again, though, the wrestlers worked their asses off, including Hardy taking a couple of insane bumps, and managed to create a big match feel for the finals of a flawed gimmick match tournament and a tarnished TNA Championship.

Bobby Roode vs. Kurt Angle: A minor Hit. Honestly, I expected much better from these two. Did we really need a pin just four minutes into the match? I do like the story of the aging Angle questioning himself. Too many wrestlers continue to work as if they are just as dominant or even overcompensate for their age by working as if they are even more dominant as they get older. Roode is gaining credibility by beating Angle, and Kurt's matches are more interesting because he's not just plowing through everyone he faces.

Madison Rayne and ODB vs. Gail Kim and Lei'D Tapa: A nice win for Madison in her return match. She plays a great heel and I'm not sure she will be as effective in the babyface role, but she is a welcome addition to the depleted Knockouts roster.

Feast or Fired: I still think the concept is ridiculous, but it makes for a good cliffhanger. Sadly, it's not really about viewers being anxious to see which wrestler gets which title shot. It's all about who is getting fired and in this case it was Chavo Guerrero. I fear that James Storm is now jealous and will be turning heel. He's one of the most charismatic guys in the company and while he can play a good heel role, the guy is a hell of a babyface when the company actually books him properly. Sting getting in the face of EC3 sets up an eventual match between the two. My guess is that the match ultimately leads to Sting being written out of TNA storylines. There's simply no money left in Sting in TNA, and both sides would be better off shaking hands and going separate ways.

TNA Impact Wrestling Misses

Dixie Carter: Dixie is simply not good enough or compelling enough to be a television character. I groan whenever I hear someone in TNA try to defend this by pointing out that she's getting a reaction out of the fans, as they clearly know the difference between good heat and go away heat, but everyone throws out their credibility for the sake of staying on the boss's good side. Her segments always seem to overstay their welcome and it's the same schtick week after week. Dixie is surrounded by some promising performers in Magnus, EC3, and Rockstar Spud, but none of this is enough to justify her role as an on-air character. And please don't tell me that she is delusional enough to think that she's giving them rub. Here's hoping that this is leading to Jeff Jarrett or someone one else riding in on a white horse and taking control of the company from her character. TNA should be an alternative to WWE, not doing the same, tired heel authority figure gimmick with someone who possesses the acting ability of a kid who plays the non-speaking part of a tree in a third grade play. Carter should stop listening to all of the people on her payroll who tell her how great she is doing and just be honest enough to admit to herself that this isn't working.

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