Powell's TNA Impact Hitlist: Dixie Carter's speech to the talent crew, hype for Hulk Hogan, the build for A.J. Styles vs. Daniels vs. Samoa Joe, Team 3D vs. Matt Morgan and Hernandez, Tara vs. Hamada

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By By Jason Powell
Nov 6, 2009 - 01:12 PM

TNA Impact Hits

Dixie Carter's speech to the talent crew: It was awkward to see Dixie basically put the wrestlers in their place by essentially saying, "It's my way or the highway." I can't say I agree wholeheartedly with the speech she gave. There are people in the company who feeling passionately about the product and want to see the company succeed, and she essentially told them to keep their mouths shut and go along with whatever the she and the authority figures want them to do.

That's not to say that there are not people in the company who needed a speech like this. There are some chronic malcontents who piss and moan about everything, but I just don't care for the overall message that all talent should have blind faith in whatever she decides to do and never question her judgement. I'd also feel awkward if I were put in this position by a boss. TNA management expects their talent to keep quiet, yet she essentially put them all in their place on national television.

All that said, it made for compelling television, which is why I'm giving the segment a hit. It was out of the norm and held my interest as a viewer. Dixie established herself as the ultimate authority figure in the company both to the wrestlers and the viewers. Again, there are aspects of the speech that I didn't care for and I would want this to stay behind closed doors if I were a wrestler, but there's no denying that it made for interesting and unique television.

Rhino: I'm digging the paranoid conspiracy theorist character. He's delivering the best promos of his career and Brother Ray played it well after the main event with his facial expressions. However, I didn't care for the main event. more on that below.

A.J. Styles, Daniels, and Samoa Joe: Joe is finally cast as an intelligent heel rather than an angry meathead. It's fun to watch him create tension between Styles and Daniels. The match between Styles and Daniels was fun while it lasted, but it didn't exactly make me take the latter seriously heading into the pay-per-view. By the way, why was this match not placed in the main event segment? Despite the flaws, I like the dynamic between the three men and I'm looking forward to their Turning Point main event.

TNA Imapct Misses

Team 3D vs. Matt Morgan and Hernandez: Morgan and Hernandez have been identified as two wrestlers the company wants to build around. Yet here there are working a program where they're basically background fodder for the Team 3D and Rhino storyline. Seriously, it could have been Lethal Consequences in that match because they weren't spotlighted in any way. I'm sure it will lead to something next week and probably at the pay-per-view, but the fact is that they gave Morgan the big moment with Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory, and they're following up on that by having him in a throwaway tag team program.

Desmond Wolfe: I can't get over how awful his promo was. Hungry like a wolf? How lame was that? Kurt Mangled? As bad as it was to have Kurt Angle talk over him, it's a blessing if even one person didn't hear that Duran Duran line as a result. I loved all the little nuances about the character when he debuted two weeks ago. Sadly, the followup has been terrible, and the best wrestling debut in recent memory has been completely overshadowed by the Hulk Hogan signing.

Tara vs. Hamada: This should have been saved for a night when they could have made it meaningful. They just threw them out there with zero buildup. I realize they are hyping Tara vs. Awesome Kong, but they didn't need to give this matchup away to accomplish that. Very disappointing.

Homicide: Squashed by Bobby Lashley and then beat up by Amazing Red all in the same night. Now that's how you build a guy up for an X Division Title match! Sigh.

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