Powell's TNA Destination X Preview and Predictions: Will Austin Aries defeat Bobby Roode to win the TNA Title? Who will emerge from Ultimate X as the new X Division Champion?

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Jul 8, 2012 - 02:10 PM

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TNA has produced back-to-back quality pay-per-views. If this show is satisfying, then I will feel like it's safe to say that the company has turned the corner with their pay-per-view product. Sure, we could pile on about how it only took them ten years to get to this point, but let's live in the now. Impact is a much better television show and the product is vastly improved creatively compared to how it was run under the old regime. This show has potential to be very good on paper, so if you're looking for a purchase recommendation then I say go for it.

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries for the TNA Title: This is the most intriguing TNA pay-per-view main event in a long time. The build has been excellent with both men delivering on the mic and building tension heading into the show. All roads still seem to lead to Roode vs. James Storm at Bound For Glory, yet I haven't ruled out the possibility that TNA will give Aries a brief title reign. Either way, I expect a good, competitive match that leads to a rematch at Hardcore Justice next month. It would be a hell of a moment if Aries captured the TNA Title. Still, I would stick with Roode as champion until Bound For Glory. It may feel predictable, but predictable isn't a bad thing when there's a long term payoff.

Bobby Roode retains the TNA Title.

A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels in a Last Man Standing match: Styles vs. Daniels singles match always seem to be solid unless they have a gimmick attached to them. The Iron Man match? The I Quit match? Here's hoping this is the exception. I'm more excited about the potential match quality than I am the storyline. There's nothing really at stake in this match and we've seen them work together a million times in the past.

Daniels wins with help from Kazarian.

Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle in a Bound For Glory Series match: I have finally contributed something to the wrestling industry. TNA is now listing how many matches each wrestler has wrestled in the Bound For Glory Series standings. Okay, so it's probably just a coincidence, but shut up and let me enjoy my moment. In order for this feud to mean something, they really need to give Joe a win. It's not like it's a current program, but TNA likes to go back to this match on a semi-regular basis and it feels like Angle is dominant. Seeing is believing.

Kurt Angle wins by pinfall after Joe gets greedy by going for the submission win.

Dakota Darsow vs. Rubix vs. Lars Only vs. Mason Andrews in a Last Chance four-way: Rubix (a/k/a Jigsaw) and Andrews had impressive outings on Impact, whereas poor Darsow appeared to have his nose broken by Flip Cassanova, and Only showed that he's not ready for prime time. I think it's safe to rule out Lars as the winner. Darsow probably deserves a sympathy win after breaking his nose and then having Cassanova land on his face while performing his finisher. I think it comes down to Rubix or Andrews. I flipped a coin.

Rubix wins.

Ultimate X to crown the new X Division Champion: The gimmick is that there will be four singles match with the winners advancing to the Ultimate X match. The wrestlers in the singles matches will be Douglas Williams, Kid Kash, Zema Ion, Flip Cassanova, Kenny King, Rashad Cameron, Sonjay Dutt, and the winner of the Last Chance match. Without knowing the single match pairings, it's hard to say who will be in the actual Ultimate X match. Kenny King has the most buzz and appears to be the strong favorite to win the match. I'd delay the gratification a bit by going with Ion to win, and having King chase him, yet I suspect creative is out to make an immediate splash with King.

Kenny King becomes the new X Division Champion.

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