9/28 Barnett's WWE Smackdown on SyFy Review: Randy Orton, Big Show, MizTV, and Divas action highlight this week's show

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Sep 28, 2012 - 08:26 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on SyFy
Taped 9/25 in Buffalo, New York

[Q1] Cole and Mathews plugged Orton vs. Big Show as tonight's main event. Big Show's music hit and he headed towards the ring at a quickened pace. He said he was the most dominant wrestler in WWE history, and he was back and wanted the World Championship. He then said his last title reign lasted 45 seconds, and recalled how embarrassed it was. Show then said he watched the guy who defeated him for the belt lose in 18 seconds at WrestleMania. He said that was a turning point for him, and no one will make fun of him again after he regains the World Championship.

Show then said he was the only man on the WWE Roster who can beat the current World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. He started to explain how he would do that, when Randy Orton's music hit and he headed to meet Show in the ring. Orton was sporting longer hair, which must be for his movie. Orton called himself the most sadistic and dominant force on Smackdown, and said Show hadn't gone though him yet. Orton then made mention that their match later in the show was for the #1 Contendership. Show then said either someone is going to get bit with an RKO, or hit with a KO. Alberto Del Rio walked out on the ramp and said he was cheated by Booker T at Night of Champions. He claimed he was better than both of them together.

Del Rio then said that both of them could go to the back of the line. As he entered the ring, Orton hit Del Rio with an RKO. His music played as he left up the ramp and Big Show stared him down. The announce crew then said we would get MizTV tonight, as well as Cesaro vs. Santino next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: I'm sadly not really that interested in any of these characters at this point. Del Rio is damaged, Orton has been mostly bland on the mic for a while now, and Show just keeps making promises he never delivers on. I hope to be convinced otherwise, but I'm bored by this main event scene right now.

A replay aired of the conclusion of Santino vs. Cesaro from last week. Lilian announced that the US Title is on the line. Antonio Cesaro then made his ring entrance, followed by Santino.

[Q2] 1. Antonio Cesaro vs. Santino Marella: They tied up to start, with Cesaro hitting a clothesline to take control 30 seconds into the match. Cesaro followed up with kicks and punches in the corner, followed by a vertical suplex for a two count. Cesaro then hit a double stomp, and then locked in a head lock. Santino got to his feet, and hit a belly to belly suplex to break the hold. He then hit a body slam. Santino then went for the cobra, but Cesaro hit a head butt to the gut. He went for a gutwrench, but Santino rolled through for a 2 count.

Cesaro then hit the suplex. Santino countered with a kick that got him a near fall. Cesaro went to the apron and climbed the ropes, but Santino met him up top. They fought on the ropes, and Santino hit a back body drop. Santino went for a flying head butt, but he missed. Cesaro followed up with a Neutralizer for the victory.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Santino at 4:21.

Barnett's Brief: Decent match, but Cesaro deserves more credible opponents. I like Santino in comedy roles, but there are so many superstars both on the main roster and developmental that would be great feuds for Cesaro that this feud feels like a missed opportunity.

A replay aired of Daniel Bryan and Kane's first restaurant skit from Monday Night. Beth Phoenix and Natalya were in the ring for a match. A Tout was aired from Eve about the Kaitlyn incident.

{Q3] 2. Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya: They tied up early, with Beth locking in an arm bar. They traded very athletic reversals and Nattie ended up with a hammerlock on Beth. Beth escaped and hit a head lock take over. Natty got to her feet and elbowed out. She hit the ropes, but Beth caught her. Natty slipped out and Beth pushed her. Natty slapped her back. Beth then hit a double leg and hit strikes. Natalya reached the ropes and the ref separated them. Beth then hit a side Russian leg sweep. She climbed up top and taunted her home town crowd.

Beth dove at Natalya, who caught her and locked in the Sharpshooter. Beth fought towards the ropes once, but Nattie pulled her back. She finally broke the hold on the second attempt. After trading a few more reversals, Beth hit the glam slam. Nattie kicked out after a very close near fall. Beth climbed the ropes in the corner, and went for a school boy pin. Nattie reversed and attempted a pin, but Beth rolled through and got the pin.

Beth Phoenix defeated Natalya at 4:41.

After the match, Eve walked out and suspended Eve indefinitely while the investigation surrounding Kaitlyn's attack was going on...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Great Divas match, probably one of the best if not the best of the year on Smackdown. Plenty of reversals and more time than I can remember a Women's match getting in quite some time. The suspension is what it is.

Backstage, Booker was talking to Teddy Long about the Tag Team division and Kane and Daniel Bryan having a Hell in a Cell match. They said there will be a #1 contenders match for the Tag Team Championships. Beth Phoenix walked up and asked Booker why she was suspended. Booker ended up reversing the decision, and told Eve she didn't have the authority. Teddy Long said it was a good decision. Eve said she was just trying to follow her instincts to make Booker's administration a success, and then apologized to Beth. She then tried to redirect Booker's attention and said that Teddy Long is jealous of Booker as GM.

A Raw Rebound aired of the wonderful CM Punk and Mick Foley segment from Monday. Backstage, the Miz was getting makeup applied for MizTV next...[c]

[Q4] Zack Ryder was in the ring as the show returned. Wade Barrett then made his ring entrance.

3. Wade Barrett vs. Zack Ryder: Barrett hit a couple of knees to the gut, followed by a shoulder block to start. He hit a thrust kick to the gut, and a pump handle slam to get a near fall at 45 seconds in. Barrett continued to pummel Ryder in the corner, and hit a slingshot back breaker. Barrett went for a back body drop, but he telegraphed and Ryder hit a kick. He then followed up with a diving drop kick. Ryder went for a Broski Boot, but Barrett moved. Ryder then hit a kick to Barrett's face as he tried to run around the ring on the outside.

Barrett recovered and hit a huge clothesline that sent Ryder over the top rope. Barrett then dragged him back in the ring, and hit his roaring elbow, named the “Souvenir Elbow” for the win.

Wade Barrett defeated Zack Ryder at 3:25.

Barnett's Brief: Good match from Barrett and Ryder. They work well together. I wish I could get more into Barrett's character. He needs more promo time. I think he looks great in the ring.

Kane and Bryan's recreation of the diner scene from “When Harry met Sally” aired. Sheamus was then shown walking towards the arena for MizTV...[c]

[Q5] The Miz introduced us all to the Smackdown World Premiere of MizTV. He started talking about how awesome the show is, but Sheamus interrupted and headed towards the ring. Miz looked nonplussed. Sheamus threw the chair that Miz had set up for him out of the ring. Miz began talking, but Sheamus grabbed the mic and said he didn't want an introduction because he thought Miz would forget to do it. He thought Miz might be suffering from memory loss after Ryback kicked his ass.

Sheamus insulted him further called him useless in the ring, and said his only career path was to become a C-List talk show host. Each time Miz began talking, Sheamus took the mic away from him. Miz finally got a mic and proclaimed that he was still the Intercontinental Champion. He said if people want to see him excel him at his finest, they'll have to pay. He mentioned his satellite radio show, his movie, and Mick Foley's book he wrote about him.

Miz then said people paid to see him tonight. Sheamus retorted and said nobody wants to pay to see him. Miz said he found it amazing that Sheamus wasn't more serious. Miz asked him why he wasn't the slightest bit worried about Randy Orton or The Big Show after the main event tonight. Miz said that the way he sees it, Sheamus will end up eating an RKO or a WMD, and maybe Sheamus would have the memory loss.

Sheamus called Miz a “loud mouthed, frog faced, Hollywood wannabe”. He said he trains every morning, and goes to bed at night worried that one mistake could take it all away. He said he likes ot have fun and joke around, but he considers the World Title a privilege and a blessing. He said he has told Randy Orton that he would be proud to defend against him, and that he's never stepped foot in the ring with the Big Show. He said he could tick that off his bucket list. He then said if Miz wants to continue to attack his integrity, he would give the fans what they want.

Vickie Guerrero interrupted and asked why Sheamus wasn't worried about Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler grabbed the mic and said he could speak for himself. Ziggler said that after Sheamus' match at Hell in a Cell, he'll be a drooling mess, and that's when the briefcase matters most. He said tonight's main event, much like Sheamus's reign, is irrelevant. Ziggler then guaranteed that when Hell in a Cell comes to a close, he will be the World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus then said he had no idea what shape he'll be in after his match at HIAC, but he hopes he'll defeat Orton or Show, and just maybe Ziggler will get lucky.

Sheamus then attacked Miz and Ziggler, and they bounced over all the furniture all over the ring. Sheamus eventually sent them both to the outside, and posed with his World Title. The Usos face The Rhodes Scholars in the opening match of the Tag Tournament next...[c]

[Q6] The Usos and Team Rhodes Scholars made their ring entrances.

4. Team Rhodes Scholars vs. The Usos: Jimmy Uso rolled up Damien Sandow for a one count. They traded chops, and then Sandow hit boots and stomps in the corner. Sandow dropped an elbow and got a one count. Jimmy hit a Samoan drop, and both guys made a tag. Jay Uso charged and hit a stink face in the corner, followed by a super kick. Jay went to climb up top, but Sandow pulled Jimmy to the outside, causing a distraction. Jay jumped to hit a splash on Rhodes, but he recovered and got his knees up. Rhodes then hit Cross Rhodes for the victory.

Rhodes Scholars defeated The Usos at 1:48.

Barnett's Brief: Quick match that didn't feel like it got started before it was over. I hope the rest of the tournament gets a bit longer to set up some drama.

The vomit and belch scene from Kane and Bryan from Monday was shown. The announcers then plugged the main event...[c]

[Q7] Tensai was in the ring as the show returned. Ryback then made his ring entrance.

5. Ryback vs. Tensai: Both men tied up, and Ryback backed Tensai into the corner. Tensai hit a throat punch and some headbutts in the corner. He then followed up by a splash in the corner. Ryback blocked a punch and hit a belly to belly on Tensai. Ryback pumped up and ran at Ryback for a clothesline, but Tensai hit a Baldo Bomb for a two count. Tensai hit the ropes, but Ryback recovered and hit a power clothesline. He then picked up Tensai and hit a Muscle Buster for the win.

Ryback defeated Tensai at 2:05.

Barnett's Brief: The jet pack has been affixed to Ryback. How far will it take him? I'm not sure, but how he recovers from his first loss will be the real test.

Orton was shown backstage walking towards the ring, when Del Rio assaulted him with a shipping crate and a kick to the chest. Orton sold an arm injury while a ref tended to him...[c]

The announce crew questioned whether or not the Main Event would take place. Big Show made his ring entrance. Orton's music hit and Del Rio made his way out to the ramp. He said it looks like Randy Orton will be unable to compete tonight, but the man to take his place will be none other than Alberto Del Rio. Orton snuck up from behind Del Rio, and tossed him into the WWE symbol structure on the stage. Orton limped towards the ring...[c]

[Q8] 6. Randy Orton vs. Big Show: Orton continued to favor his right arm and ribs. He then threw punches with the injured arm? Big Show then hit him with a head butt. Orton then began favoring the other arm, as if nobody noticed. He quickly realized the mistake and switched back to the right side. I see what you did there, Randy. Show then hit two heavy body shots to Orton's ribs. Big Show then stood on the ribs of Orton, and then locked on a body claw. Orton crawled to his feet and hit a punch, but Show grabbed him and dropped his weight on Orton's ribs. Orton rolled to the outside, and Big Show followed. Show picked him up and dropped him over the barricade onto the injured ribs...[c]

Show taunted Orton, who lay in pain in the corner. Orton got a foot up to stop a charging Show. Show lifted him up for a Chokeslam, but Orton reversed into a DVD. Orton made a cover, but Show shoved him off at two. Show hit a flurry of body punches. He yelled at Orton that he didn't want to beat him, he wanted him to quit. Orton remained silent. Show then locked in another body claw, and continued to yell at Randy to quit. Show hit another body shot, and Orton rolled to the outside. Show followed, and picked up Orton onto his shoulder. He went to charge the ring post, but Randy shoved him into it.

Show climbed up on the apron, and Orton tried for a DDT, but failed. Show signaled for another chokeslam, and picked Orton up by the neck. Orton hit an RKO out of nowhere, but Big Show kicked out for a near fall. Orton set up for a punt, but Show chokeslammed him. Orton also kicked out at two for a near fall. Show then hit another Chokelsam, and got the pinfall victory.

Big Show defeated Randy Orton at 12:52.

Show appeared to be leaving, but he came back after the match to hit a huge KO Punch on Orton. Show then grabbed a microphone and said he would be seeing Sheamus at Hell in a Cell.

Barnett's Brief: Good match that got more time than I expected given the injury. They managed to get a few good near falls in, and Show looked very dominant. I assume this is the blowoff so Orton can go film his movie, and we'll see him back in a few months. I hope this means some better writing for Orton upon his return.

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