5/24 Barnett's WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Coverage Review: Dean Ambrose vs. Kofi Kingston, Fandango on MizTV, plus Chris Jericho, Big Show and more in action

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May 24, 2013 - 06:43 PM

By Jake Barnett

WWE Smackdown on SyFy Live Coverage Review
Taped Tuesday, May 21st in Omaha, Nebraska

[Q1] The WWE narrator showed us the end of Lesnar vs. Triple H, and the concussion story from Monday night. He asked us to stay tuned to find out more. The narrator switched focus to the Shield's Extreme Rules victories and said Dean Ambrose would take on Kofi Kingston in the main event.

In the Arena, Lilian Garcia introduced The Miz for MizTV. He was already in the ring and introduced his show. He said tonight he wouldn't just be entertaining, but he'd be versatile, because after his show he would win back the Intercontinental Title. He then introduced Fandango, who made his entrance with Summer Rae. The commentators ogled Summer Rae and said flattering things about Fandango. The Miz stood there like a doofus while this was all happening.

Finally, Fandango grabbed a mic and shushed Miz as he tried to ask a question. Fandango said Miz wasn't different than anyone else, and then corrected him on the pronunciation of his name. Miz did his really bit, and Fandango kept responding yes. Miz moved on and said on Monday Night, Fandango did something no one else has ever done before in a tag match, and danced in front of the commentators table. Then he showed Jericho pie facing Summer Rae. Miz asked Fandango why he left Wade Barrett high and dry. He said his ego was more obnoxious than his name, and asked him what kind of narcissist he was.

Fandango said if anyone ever got close to Summer Rae again, he would dance all over their face. He then asked the Miz why he wanted to talk about egos. Miz responded that he knew the line between sports entertainment, and didn't want to look like a bag of skittles dancing. Fandango collected himself while the crowd chanted bag of skittles, and Miz congratulated him on being the new fruity pebbles. Fandango said Miz and his lecture bored him, but Wade Barrett interrupted before he could continue.

Wade said he had a word for those two, but he would start with the ballerina. He said he was a waste of skin, and said the only reason they lost was because Fandango would rather tiptoe through the tulips than fight like a man. He then said he would make sure the whole world forgets the name Fandango. The Miz then reminded Barrett he would face him later for the Intercontinental Championship, and that he has tapped him out twice before. Barrett then said let me remind you how this feels, and they brawled all over the ring. Barrett eventually rolled to ringside and they reset for the match next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: A good opening segment that actually gave us a reason to have an Intercontinental Title match. We also have a strong feud for the US Title Match at the end of the show. Mark your calendars and pop the champagne everybody, this only happens once or twice a decade.

My computer crashed and I lost my recording of the Wade Barrett and Miz Match. I'll do my best to quickly summarize.

1. Wade Barrett vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship: Miz and Barrett went back and forth for a bit early on until Fandango's music hit and he and Summer Rae began dancing at ringside. Miz and Barrett battled incredulously while the music played, with Barrett hitting the winds of change and The Miz attempting a figure four but failing. Eventually Fandango interfered for the DQ. Both he and Barrett took a few shots at Miz after the match, and then Barrett hit the Bull Hammer on Fandango.

Kane and Daniel Bryan had a promo segment backstage where Bryan was obviously upset. Kane said they lost as a team and that he lost on Monday. Bryan said he didn't like the implication that he was the weak link of the team, and stormed off.

Wade Barrett and The Miz ended by DQ at 2:48

Barnett's Brief: I liked the interaction between the three men. This is easily the most interesting the Intercontinental Title has been in a while.

Jack Swagger was already in the ring. Daniel Bryan then made his ring entrance.

2. Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger: Bryan sent Swagger to ringside early. He followed him outside and hit rapid kicks to the chest against the barricade. Swagger took control in the ring with a clothesline, and set up Bryan in the tree of woe for knees and kicks...[c]

[Q3] Swagger controlled the match during the break and put the boots to Bryan in the corner. Bryan surged back and hit a clothesline and sent both men to the floor. He then hit a running drop kick in the corner, followed by more kicks. Bryan then hit another running dropkick on a seated Swagger. Againg more kicks to the chest, but Swagger picked him up and hit a spine buster for a two count. Swagger went for a gutwrench, but Bryan reversed into a No Lock attempt. They traded reversals and it ended with a roll up by Bryan for a near fall. Bryan got up and hit a kick to the head that floored Swagger.

Kane yelled at Bryan to cover, but he refused. He grabbed both of Swagger arms and stomped on his head repeatedly. He then applied the No Lock for the submission victory. Bryan held the hold for several seconds after the bell. Bryan looked angry after the match and Kane at him strangely. Bryan looked at Swagger angrily and reapplied the No Lock after the bell. Kane pulled him off and they argued briefly before Bryan left chanting yes.

Daniel Bryan defeated Jack Swagger at 9:02.

The announce team said a summary of the Cena vs. Ryback last man standing match was next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: It appears like Daniel Bryan is on his way to a heel turn, which I was hoping wasn't the case. I have no doubt he'll make it work, because he's a awesomely talented, but I was just hoping for a babyface run. I'm surprised they had him go over Swagger so strongly there, we'll see if he slides back down the card a bit.

Commentary and Photos were shown from the Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules. Then, Ryback's promo from on top of the Ambulance was shown. They also confirmed the Ambulance match between the two men at Payback.

[Q4] Damien Sandow was in the ring, and was with Matt Striker. Both men are in suits, and Sandow ran down Sheamus and Mark Henry's recent contests were ridiculous and appealed to the lowest common denominator. Sandow then said that a man is tested not by feats of strength, but by the accomplishments of his mind. He then pointed to a rope in a knot on the table in front of them, and recanted the tail of the Gordian Knot. It's supposedly impossible to untie. He introduced Striker as a former school teacher, and had him try and fail. He then ran down Striker for being the problem with the public school system. He was about to untie the knot when Sheamus' music hit.

Sheamus said he finds it quite troubling that he spends his time playing with knots. Sheamus told him to get a girlfriend or a social life. Sandow said to leave his personal life out of this. Sheamus said he really didn't want to know what kind of weird stuff he was into. Sheamus said he had a bit of troubled childhood, and wanted to take a shot at the knot. Sandow gave him the go ahead, and he made an attempt. Sandow stopped him a few seconds into it, and told him to let him handle it. He grabbed a bolt cutter and cut the knot, and acted like he just won an Olympic Medal. He told the crowd you're welcome.

Sheamus said he got one over on him and Striker, and wanted to congratulate him. He went to hit Sandow with a brogue kick, and Sandow dove out of the ring. Sandow lambasted him for always resorting to violence when he can't handle mental challenges. Sheamus said he's open to learning new things, and said he would teach Sandow about Newton's Law. Sheamus then thew Matt Striker at Sandow and yelled “What goes up, must come down!” I'm sure that's exactly how Newton explained it.

The announcers said Chris Jericho vs Big Show would come next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: Sandow tried there, but the material sucked. Sheamus is still too goofy for words. Sandow was absolutely right about him but he just kept smiling and making an ass of himself.

Chris Jericho's music hit and he headed towards the ring. Big Show then made his ring entrance as we hit the top of the hour.

[Q5] Big Show vs. Chris Jericho: Big Show used his power early with head butts and punches. This continued for a bit until Big Show locked on a bear hug. Jericho got a brief spurt of offense, but Show hit him with a spear to end it. Jericho avoided a punch and jumped to the top rope, but Show slapped him out of the air. Jericho went for a code breaker a moment later, but Big Show held him up in the air. Jericho slipped out of it though and hit a DDT. Jericho attempted the Walls, but Show was too powerful.

Show hit Jericho with a Chokeslam, and Jericho rolled to the outside. Show followed and picked up Jericho to ram him into the post. Jericho slipped out and shoved Jericho into the post. Jericho then hit a Codebreaker that sent Big Show into the time keepers area. Show couldn't answer the ten count, and Jericho picked up a victory.

Chris Jericho defeated Big Show at 6:35.

After the match, Show grabbed a chair, but Jericho hit baseball slide into the chair and rolled to the floor with the chair. He hit Big Show several times with it, and Show headed up the stage.

Barnett's Brief:, Jericho looked like Superman there. I have no idea where they are going with that.

A video recap aired of Brock Lesnar's win on Sunday and the debut of Curtis Axel. It also covered the Triple H concussion angle. Cole said Triple H will be out of action for sometime, and will have to undergo neurological tests. Curtis Axel then made his ring entrance with Paul Heyman.

[Q6] Paul Heyman grabbed a mic and introduced himself as the advocate for the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar, and the architect of CM Punk's title reign. He then said he is the most exclusive manager in history, and managed two of the three main events at WrestleMania. He then said when he points his finger at someone and says they are the future, people can invest their money in it, just as he has in Curtis Axel. Heyman said the reason people boo for Axes is because of what he did to Triple H on Monday, but he would let Axel us himself.

Axel introduced himself, and said in one day he accomplished more than his father and grandfather combined. He said he stood up to Triple H, took his best shot, and left him laying dazed and confused. He then said let the record show that the winner was Curtis Axel, but that was only day one of building the brand of Curtis Axel.

Barnett's Brief: Axel was better here than on Monday, but it came off really scripted, which means Axel still has to grow accustomed to saying somebody else's words. Heyman was great as always.

Sin Cara finished his ring entrance. Cole and JBL plugged their show on Youtube.

3. Curtis Axel vs. Sin Cara: Axel and Sin Cara traded offense, with Axel hitting a drop toe hold and Sin Cara hitting a very pretty arm drag from the top rope. Axel took control with stomps and a drop kick. Randy Orton was rambling on picture in picture for WWE App users. Sin Cara hit a springboard back elbow and a cross body for a two count. He followed up with a wheel barrow kick, but missed a top rope cross body. Axel hit a running neck breaker style move and wasn't named and pick up a clean victory.

Curtis Axel defeated Sin Cara at 2:55.

[Q7] The announce team plugged the main event as next...[c]

Barnett's Brief: A decent match from Sin Cara and Axel, but too short. Axel seemed to deal with Sin Cara's style better than most, and I think it would have been more enjoyable with more time.

They showed photos and commentary from the US Title match at Extreme Rules. Kofi Kingston made his ring entrance to a nice reaction. Ambrose made his way to the ring with The Shield, but Rollins and Reigns headed back up the stairs and left Ambrose by himself.

4. Kofi Kingston vs. Deam Ambrose: Ambrose sent Kofi into the turnbuckle hard early on, and followed with an elbow for a one count. He then dropped his knees across Kofi's chest. Ambrose went for a vertical suplex, but Kofi reversed and hit some kicks. Kofi then hit a splash onto the back of a Ambrose for a two count. Kofi went to the top again, and Ambrose followed. Kofi sent him to the mat. The Shield interfered, and Kofi kicked Rollins and Splashed Reigns.

The Shield re-entered the ring and the DQ was called. Orton and Sheamus ran down for backup and brawled. Teddy Long came down and made it into a six man match...[c]

Kofi Kingston defeated Deam Ambrose by DQ at 2:18.

Barnett's Brief: Not much to say there, It was short and never really got off the ground.

[Q8] 5. The Shield vs. Randy Orton, Kofi, and Sheamus: The match was joined in progress with Reigns and Sheamus brawling. Reigns tagged in, but Sheamus unloaded on him and tagged Orton. More punches from Orton and a European uppercut. Kofi tagged in and hit some kicks to Reigns and covered for a two count. Kofi kit a side russian leg sweep and a springboard splash for a near fall. Kofi dragged Rollins to his corner and tagged in Orton.

Rollins got in a few shots and tagged in Ambrose. Orton dropped Ambrose with a punch and stomped on his fingers. He sent Ambrose into his corner and tagged in Sheamus. Kofi and Sheamus stomped on Ambrose, but Ambrose recovered and tagged Rollins back in. Sheamus set up Rollins for the clubs to the chest over the ropes, but The Shield pulled Rollins down to the floor and regrouped outside...[c]

Ambrose hit a knee to the gut of Sheamus, who then tagged in Reigns. He stomped on Sheamus in the corner and jawed at him. Sheamus knocked all The Shield members off the apron and avoided a Reigns spear. He got a hot tag to Orton, who cleared The Shield from the ring again and hit a rope DDT onto Rollins. Reigns pulled Rollins and Orton out of the ring by punching Orton while he hung on to Rollins, and Rollins then rolled back in while the ref counted. The ref got a 9 count and Rollins went on offense with strikes to Orton.

He tagged in Ambrose, who stomped on Orton's chest and applied a front face lock. Ambrose dropped some elbows and tagged Rollins back in. Seth hit rapid fire punches, but Orton fired back with a kick to the gut. Rollins ducked a punch, and Rollins sent Orton into the second turnbuckle head first. Rollins went up top, but Orton met him and hit a superplex. Both men made tags and Sheamus cleaned house on The Shield. He hit a rolling Senton to Ambrose and clubs to the chest on Rollins. He hit Brogue Kick on Rollins, and a went for White Noise on Ambrose, but Reigns hit him with a spear.

Orton hit an RKO on Reigns on the outside. Sheamus tagged in Kofi, who hit a big splash on Ambrose for a close near fall. Rollins grabbed Kofi's leg for a distraction, and Ambrose hit his finisher for the win.

The Shield vs. Kofi, Sheamus and Orton at 14:10.

Barnett's Brief: Go out of your way to see that match. Just a really fun finishing sequence and a fun roller coaster with offensive dominance trading off throughout the match. I have no idea how they keep making these six man matches interesting, but there is some great chemistry between The Shield members that just makes these a ton of fun. Overall the show was a step up from last week, and I hope we go up from here. I'll have more to say on audio with Chris Shore coming up tomorrow.

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