UFC star wants to buy WWE, spokesman for WWE responds

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May 5, 2013 - 10:35 AM

UFC star Chael Sonnen wants to buy WWE once he retires. "It is 100 percent Chael's intent to buy the WWE," a Sonnen representative told TMZ. The rep went on to say that Sonnen has already met with potential investors. Meanwhile, a WWE rep stated that the company is not for sale, yet added that Sonnen could purchase shares of WWE stock. Read the story at

Powell's POV: Hey, is that Bob Carter and Sinclair Broadcast Group officials waving their hands frantically in hopes of getting Sonnen's attention? In related news, I'm looking for investors who want to join me in purchasing Major League Baseball. I'll put up $100 and serve as the commissioner. My rule changes include cheerleaders who sit on the laps of fans in between innings, 100-game seasons, a real salary cap, and any delay of more than ten seconds caused by the pitcher results in a balk - mostly because I like the word balk. Who's in?

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