UFC News: Dana White says both Brock Lesner and Fedor Emelianenko are never coming to UFC

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Oct 25, 2012 - 11:03 AM

On the Dave and Mahoney show on CBS radio Wednesday, UFC President Dana White said that both Brock Lesner and Fedor Emelianenko are finished fighting and will never come to UFC. White said that he was hopeful that Lesner would return after his contract with WWE expires in April, but that Brock recently told him his body couldn't take fighting after his near-fatal battle with diverticulitis. There had been talks with Fedor, but the sides could never reach an agreement. You can read more at

Shore's Slant: The article speculates that Lesner might get another deal with WWE, but I would be surprised if WWE is willing to make a deal similar to the one this year now that Lesner has no intention to return to UFC.

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