Wrestler's Rescue responds to former WWE Superstar Kamala's claims of fraud, provides proof of claims they sent money, takes dirty shot at millions of sick people

Aug 3, 2012 - 01:30 PM

Michelle Mupo, Dawn Marie's agent, took to Twitter today to address charges from former WWE Superstar Kamala (a/k/a James Harris) that Marie's Wrestler's Rescue charity had funds on his behalf but failed to deliver the funds. Mupo tweeted, "Kamala returned check issued by Wrestlers Rescue Certified because it wasn't sent fast enough. Dawn Marie did what she said she would. Check for $500 was sent July 20, 2012 . Kamala refused it sent it back certified mail. HE LIED to get $$$$ never judge unless you have proof." [Edited for clarity]. Mupo then went on to post a picture of a check made out to Harris and a certified mail envelope.

Not content to simply prove Harris a liar, Mupo then went on to criticize him for having his feet removed for having out of control diabetes. Mupo tweeted, "98% people w/ diabetes Live a long life because they follow a diet after they are diagnosed . How long did Kamala know he had this disease?" You can see all of Mupo's tweets on her Twitter feed @MICHELLEMUPO.

Shore's Slant: Former ECW star Blue Meanie has questioned the veracity of Mupo's claims, and for good reasons as Marie and Wrestler's Rescue have had some shady dealings in the past. I checked the tracking number on the certified mail envelope and the mail was sent from Harris's hometown of Sardis, Miss. so the evidence appears to support Mupo's claims. (For those asking about the VOID on the check, that is a picture of a photocopy or scan of the actual check and those are fraud protection built into the check.)

That said, I can tell from Mupo's ignorant additional comments that she does not suffer from diabetes. As someone who does--and has it under control on diet alone--let me enlighten Ms. Mupo with the facts. Diabetes is a terrible disease and wildly difficult to control. The American diet is based in carbohydrates, and carbs all turn into sugar in the body. Learning to eat as a diabetic doesn't require a diet, it requires a lifestyle change, something that is not easy for anyone to do. Mupo's comments fall into a prime example of the message being killed by the messenger.

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