Update on yesterday's story regarding XBOX 360 update and iPPV, ROH and WWNLive do not work consistently

Posted in: MISC News
Oct 24, 2012 - 11:05 AM

Yesterday we reported that the new XBOX 360 upgrade will allow users to watch various iPPV/Video on Demand services from independent wrestling groups. After further testing at, their story has been revised to note that ROH and WWNLive, which airs DGUSA/EVOLVE shows, do not work with the new integrated Internet Explorer on a consistent basis. It is unclear what the problem is, but it is believed to be a Flash problem. Smart Mark Video and are working correctly.

Shore's Slant: So the long and the short of it is you might be able to watch ROH and WWNLive shows and you might not. Several people have emailed and tweeted that they are having problems, while several have emailed and tweeted they are not. At this point, I haven't tried it myself, but be aware that there is no guarantee at this point.

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