Ric Flair to appear, possibly wrestle, for All Japan Pro Wrestling

Posted in: MISC News
Jan 2, 2013 - 02:54 PM

Ric Flair will be appearing at the All Japan Pro Wrestling event on January 26 in Ota, Japan. Flair is presumed to be there to hype his son Reid Flair beginning training with AJPW, but it is possible the elder Flair will wrestle at the show. You can read more at

Shore's Slant: Reid Flair is going into a Japanese wrestling dojo? I certainly hope he has exorcised some of the demons he carries around or I can't see him making it there. There was a time when the idea of Flair wrestling again excited me. Now, I never want to see him in a ring again. He is tarnishing his legacy at every turn.

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