Misc Video: Masked luchador and ostriches attack a convenience store

Posted in: MISC News
Aug 4, 2012 - 11:48 AM

In what can be described as the weirdest wrestling story you will probably see all day, a video featuring a masked luchador (who looks surprisingly like Rey Mysterio) and some ostriches attacking a convenience store. The video, an obvious work, made its way to the Huffington Post, which did not provide any real details about what the video is, nor why it was produced. You can read the HuffPo story at and see the video at [Thanks to Dot Net reader Terry Lund.]

Shore's Slant: The video is only 30 seconds, but it is a complete riot. It looks like security cam footage and shows the wrestler run in with three ostriches and attacking a man. For those of you saying, "What?' just watch the video. Words cannot explain it.

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