MISC Video: Dawn Marie responds to charges that Wrestler's Rescue has failed to deliver promised funds to "Dr. Death" Steve William, Jerry Lynn, and Kamala

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Aug 6, 2012 - 01:02 PM

Dawn Marie delivered two YouTube videos attempting to explain the allegations and controversies involving her Wrestler's Rescue charity. Among the points she makes:

-Wrestler's Rescue is a for profit company. She has a separate non-profit entity.

-She points people to her website to see an accounting of all monies concerning "Dr. Death" Steve Williams and claims the negative stories about what happened came from a disgruntled WWE ring crew member with a vendetta because she refused to pay his rent.

-She claims they were not able to raise funds for Jerry Lynn because of the negative press from the Williams incident and that all memorabilia collected was saved to be used for the next wrestler they helped.

-She repeated the claims her agent Michelle Mupo made late last week concerning Kamala returning the funds he was sent because they "did not get there fast enough."

You can see Part 1 of Dawn Maries video at and Part 2 at

Shore's Slant: This story gets crazier and crazier every time something new comes out. I have already proven that the Kamala story advanced by Dawn Marie is plausible (and in my humble opinion, probably closer to the truth than Kamala's story), but the rest of her video sounds like a giant conspiracy theory. Some unknown ring crew guy was able to trash the entire organization? Forgive my doubt. And how is Wrestler's Rescue a for profit company? I get the legal reasons, but who goes into the fundraising business for profit?

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