Linda Hogan draws attention to auction for family items, claims she doesn't know how to use eBay

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Jul 9, 2013 - 11:53 AM

Linda Hogan, the ex-wife of TNA legend Hulk Hogan, told TMZ that she wants to retrieve family keepsakes were mistakenly donated to Goodwill and have now popped up on eBay. "No family photos were ever given to anyone," Linda said. "I would never give away baby pictures of my kids." She went on to say she hopes the seller will give the items back and she won't be making a bid because she "doesn't know how to use eBay." Read the story at

Powell's POV: Linda Hogan is stupid because (a) she doesn't think people will see through a sad attempt to draw attention to the family items that she is selling under a different name on eBay, or (b) she really doesn't know how to use eBay and doesn't realize that drawing attention to the items will drive up the asking price. Either way, Linda Hogan is stupid and apparently shameless, so I guess the real question now is whether she is broke on top of being stupid and apparently shameless.

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