Lance Storm talks being called the Legend, calling matches in the ring, and wrestling Jerry Lynn

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Jan 16, 2013 - 02:29 PM

Shining Wizards Podcast with Lance Storm
Hosts: Tony Z, Eddie, and Matt
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Recently the Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast had the honor to sit down and speak with Lance Storm to talk wrestling, and promote his upcoming match with Jerry Lynn at Pro Wrestling Syndicate's Thank You Jerry in Metuchen, NJ on February 9th.

On the Legend Moniker: "I hold that term in higher regard, I feel odd when people use that term for me. I am not a legend in my own eyes; I am too young to be a legend. I had this debate earlier with my students. Was talking about Legends, and tweeted about people I had worked with who I thought were legends, and people were like what about Edge and Jericho. And well, I have a hard time thinking that somebody in there 30's is a legend. I am happy with my career. It just comes down to how high esteem you hold the term legend or not, I like to hold it off for the Harley Race's and Terry Funk's of the world, Bruno Sammartino. But if you want to throw it at me I will take it."

On calling a match in the ring: "I don't want to say it's a lost art, but it's a diminishing art. I think part of the problem is that the majority of what we see is televised. They have shorter times, and the higher pressure of TV, so if you have a 6 minute match you can plan the entire 6 and just do what we want. Live events and stuff, when you have more time, there are still some guys that will have half of the match felt out there at least.

"Remember the first Cyber Sunday gimmick voting thing they did? The opening match was Jericho versus Shelton Benjamin, and I remember asking Jericho did you get any heads up what so ever, or at the very least, Jericho was a heel, they had 5 different possibilities, you could have set up a basic finish, the baby face goes over so this is the finish, so whoever wins gets to do this spot. And I asked Jericho and he said No we had nothing, and they gave us absolutely nothing. He was standing in the ring, and they hit Shelton's music, and Jericho still had no idea who it was. And the ref walked over to Jericho and said, Shelton's up with his finish, Jericho turned to the ref and said well what's his finish. The ref didn't know, so he had to go over to Shelton as ask him. And they did the match with nothing.

On Wrestling Jerry Lynn: "We worked so much in ECW. I remember one night we were in Johnstown,PA. We flew into Pittsburgh, and I mistakenly wrote Johnstown, OH for some reason. So oddly enough both places are 3 hours away, so when I asked how far away we were, we were told 3 hours. We drove to the wrong state, so by the time we found out we were in the wrong state we had to drive like 5 hours the other way, we're going crazy, we were on the phone with Paul, and he was like just get here we will put you on, as late as we have to, we are racing. We get to the building just after intermission and Paul tells us, you are on in 5, so we just put on our gear and went out with nothing. We had wrestled each other enough times, that we could do it in our sleep. He was so good at it, and we were so good with each other, it wasn't even a question. It was who do you want tonight, and we got it done.

"That was one thing that was really nice, it was one of my favorite times of my career when I was working with Jerry. All the live events and house shows, Paul wouldn't even give us a finish, didn't tell us who he wanted going over, he left it to us to do whatever we thought was right at the time of the night. I was usually the one that made the call; I would get there and look at the show. If we were the 6th match, what are the 5 matches before us, and whats the match after us? If it was a real heavy the heel is going over the match after us, well we should put a babyface over in our match, Jerry would go over. And if there were 2 or 3 big babyface wins before us and a win after us, it was like, OK I will take this one Jerry. Paul just left us to our own devices."

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