Konnan discusses the need for new stars in WWE, says it's the "same guys over and over and over"

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Aug 9, 2012 - 10:08 AM

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"They need to make more stars, dude. We talk about this every week. I don't know why they don't, why they haven't. They've always been behind the curve, so has wrestling in general. That hurts a lot. I have a lot of ideas of how you could change it to make it cooler, but who in that company could do that Stone Cold gimmick or that Rock gimmick? They don't have anybody and then on top of that, they're not giving enough time to make new stars."

"It's always the same guys over and over and over. It's like, alright, those guys are already stars, let's make new ones. I don't know if any of those guys are stepping up though and saying look, I've got a great gimmick, let's go with it. It just doesn't seem like it. They just don't have those big stars there and they're not making new ones like they should."

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