Jeff Katz gives Wrestling Retribution Project update to Kickstarter backers

Posted in: MISC News
Jun 26, 2013 - 06:00 PM

Jeff Katz sent an update to the backers of his much maligned Wrestling Retribution Project. Katz announced the project will be released, and that previews would be coming soon. He also announced that his plan is to honor all of the Kickstarter prizes, while also returning all funds that were donated. [Thanks to Dot Net Member HiSpot]

Shore's Slant: The post blamed the problems in Katz's personal life for delay, while also putting is aside as "not an excuse" in a rambling opening. Outside of that, this has to come as great relief to those who donated. I'm sure HiSpot, and probably many more, are happy just to see the project finished, but Katz is doing the classy thing by returning everyone's money.

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