Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith's publicist comment on rumored pro wrestling partnership

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Jan 31, 2014 - 10:49 AM

TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett and country music star Toby Keith continue to be linked in a rumored pro wrestling startup company. Newsday reporter Josh Stewart was told by Jarrett that he's not doing interviews at this time, but then added, "I can tell you I'm making good progress so stay tuned."

Meanwhile, Keith's publicist Elaine Schock said she has no knowledge of a partnership between the country music star and Jarrett. "I still have no heard anything that I can confirm," Shock said. Read more at

Powell's POV: The story also recaps the limited information that Jarrett has released about the promotion via his Twitter page. I can add that Jarrett has been telling people that he's targeting an October start and has spoken with multiple television networks. As for Keith, he was interesting in trying to purchase TNA at one time. While TNA quickly rejected rumors that Billy Corgan wanted to buy into or outright by the company, Dixie Carter has not disputed that Keith had interest.

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