Gabe Sapolsky on how fans can stop wrestlers from absorbing unprotected shots to the head

Jan 10, 2013 - 06:37 PM

Dragon Gate USA and Evolve booker Gabe Sapolsky reacted to the news that former NFL player Junior Seau was suffering from a brain diseased caused by head trauma when he took his own life. "We must learn from it," Sapolsky wrote. "This message is for all wrestling FANS. I will start out by saying that today's wrestler is much smarter and much more protective of their heads than before the Chris Benoit atrocity. They have learned, gotten intelligent information and become more protective of their heads. That's a fact.

"I never claim to know the tricks of the trade of the physical acts of wrestling. I was never trained as a wrestler. I know there are things that are done to make things look like they hurt when they don't. However, at this point, there should be absolutely no unprotected weapon shots to the head or unprotected headbutts ever.

"I can say this a million times in the locker room, but the bottom line is when the wrestlers get in the ring they are in there for you and they perform for you. If they hear you pop for it, they will lose themselves in the adrenaline and do it. Stop cheering unprotected head shots." You can read the full blog at

Powell's POV: Very well said and I agree wholeheartedly. This is only the partial blog. It's a very good and recommended read for fans and people in the business.

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