Former WWE star Kamala says Wrestler's Rescue and an indy promotion have not assisted him despite raising funds in his name

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Aug 1, 2012 - 11:00 AM

Former WWE star James "Kamala" Harris has released a video in which he states that he has not received assistance from Dawn Marie's Wrestler's Rescue or the MWF indy promotion despite both groups holding fundraising efforts in his name. You can view the video at

Powell's POV: I certainly hope there is some misunderstanding involving the two groups in question. If not, I certainly hope there will be some type of criminal investigation. A number of wrestlers have donated their memorabilia to Wrestler's Rescue and many people have spent good money with the belief that it was going to help a good cause.

A note attached to the Kamala video post included the following info: You can email him at to know that you are for sure contacting him and donating to him directly. His mailing address is Giant Kamala P.O. Box 235 Como, MS 38619. He loves to hear from his fans. Thanks a lot.

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